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RIP Warren Chmura

I have just found this on the British Rally Forum.

"It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Warren Chmura in Morocco tonight, whilst competing on the London Casablanca Rally.

Information is sketchy but it appears their infamous pink Citroen DS left the road after a possible heart attack. No other vehicles were involved. Warren's wife, Jean, was navigating and initial reports are that she is not seriously injured.

The organisers will issue a statement later on tomorrow (Friday) when they have a fuller picture of what actually happened.

Paul Robinson"

I'm sure all our historic competitors, organisers and marshals will be as stunned as I am by this news.

Paul Brewerton

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Further information

Further information can be found here


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Warren Chumura

Jacqui and I had become friends with Jean and Warren over the years because of their association with the East Anglian Classic. Indeed they were more than happy to allow our daughter to sit in thier Pink DS which became known as Lady Penelope's car to Maria. Nothing was a problem for Warren who could often be found tinkering with everyone elses cars rather than his own.
The big man in the big car will be missed and our thoughts go to Jean and the family.
Gavin Leech

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I am shocked and saddened by

I am shocked and saddened by this news. My thoughts are with Jean and those close to Warren.
A fond and firmly etched memory is the big DS with Warren at the wheel in a very muddy "Bomb Dump" on the EAC a few years ago putting in a very quick time and a spectacular driving demonstration...

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