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Hi all,

My interest in motorsport spans some 30 years and as I'm almost local (Wivenhoe) I'd thought I'd join and contribute where I can. I have Rally marshalling experience and have been lucky to own and drive some exciting cars from an Exige S2 to a 987s to a M3 to a R32 to an RS4 (and beyond) also having driven a fair few tracks here in the UK and in europe. My heart is rallying and I hope to join in with the fun on here.


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Hi Peter, welcome.  My name is John Conboy and live not to far from you at Thorpe.

You come to us at the perfect time.  There is a lot happening in the club and Tendering region in the coming months.

There is 3 major rallies planned between now and April next year one being in Clacton. See notes at the top of the main page.

If you want to come along to a club meeting you are more than welcome to come with me or just a chat let me know

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