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  • Club of the Year 2009

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    Chelmsford Motor Club was awarded "JLT Sport / Motorsport UK Motor Club of the Year 2009" at the Motorsport UK Night of Champions.

    Paul Barrett & Brian Jaggs attended.

    Here are a few photos from the Motorsport UK awards night - in the group photo note Brian standing just in front and to the left of Ross Brawn (and Paul next to Pat Doran, Lydden Hill owner & Rallycross champion).

  • Southdown Stages

    Saturday 7th February 2009

    Gavin had been spending 4 or 5 hours a night in the workshop last week, DVY was finally ready enough for Goodwood, he’d had no time to set up the front suspension but it looked about right.

  • EACS Endurance 2008

    Here is an article I wrote on the EACS Endurance back in April that somehow missed the last edition of Spotlight.

    Congratulations to CMC member Owen Turner navigated by Andrew Dadswell for their fourth consecutive win on the EACS Endurance – this year by a margin of only five seconds from Jamie Turner / Ian Collings who were quicker during the Saturday selectifs but overhauled early in the night route, despite a strong challenge from Carl Hawkins / Iain Tullie.

  • Tour Britannia Rally

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    Emma Henchoz and Jeanne Taylor win the Tour Britannia: 3 days and 750 miles, 3 road regularities, 4 circuits and 14 speed venues later we arrived back at Coombe Abbey and were officially declared the winners of the 2008 Tour Britannia Rally. Scrutineering at Duxford on Monday afternoon was followed by a Champagne Reception and Dinner at Kings College, Cambridge, and then the fun really began!

  • ex-Mike Marshall 1970 RS1600

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    Peter & Jill Bryan own a 1970 RS1600 GL9897, UK rego DGU888H

    Our ex Mike Marshall Escort is a March 1970 Hailwood built RS1600 which was dealer registered DGU888H, and then taken over by the Ford AVO factory where it then became a Test & development car in the later part of 1970.


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