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  • 2019 Brands Hatch Stages

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    Photos M&H Photography

    The MGJ Engineering Brands Hatch Winter Stages opened the circuit’s season on 19th January and provided a great day of rallying in cold but dry conditions. 

  • The Preston 2017

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    Winners of the 2017 Preston: Mark Banham / Mathew Smalley

    Well, now that the dust has settled, (probably a misleading turn of phrase) I thought I ought to say a few words about our surprising weekend. It started on Friday when, after Thursday’s test run, I found I had a leak in the fuel tank, so spent Saturday changing that. I struggled with the fittings and was so frustrated I nearly throw in the towel. And I was about to leave on Saturday evening but couldn’t get any sidelights on one side of the van or any on the trailer. I ended up cable-tying 2 inspection lights with red film to the back of the trailer! We were a bit late getting to scrutineering, and were amazed to see the queue ahead of us! This meant we were going to be late getting to the Little Chef Sad

  • Wales Rally GB - Random musings by Paul Hernaman

    As work and house moves have faded away the lure to go out and stand in a forest to have mud and stones thrown at me after standing in cold, damp conditions for an hour beforehand has risen. Last year I wandered across to Wales to watch the rally on the Friday/Saturday with partial success. The partial bit being despite getting up at an early hour the crowds to get into Dyfi and Gartheiniog had to be seen to be believed and accordingly I missed a chunk of the first run.

  • The Preston, The Future

    Hands up who loves the Preston Rally. Good, that’s all of you, now pay attention because
    this is important. For the unaware, The One and Only has two very real problems. These are
    related, the first being bad enough but the second is potentially fatal for the event.
    Regrettably I am quite serious, in case you’d not realised it, this very special sporting event is
    truly in jeopardy.

    Adrian Gladwin

  • Preston Rally 2016

    Local lad Stefan Taylor followed in his father’s footsteps in Suffolk and Norfolk taking
    victory on Chelmsford MC’s famously challenging event, with former long-term Clerk of
    the Course and twice previous winner Adrian Gladwin navigating their Proton Coupe.
    Three-time victor Dave Taylor, the winning driver’s dad and good friend of the navigator,
    himself event CoC for four years in the 1980’s – who at that time devised the popular
    format of this rally – and driving the Closing Car this year, was possibly the happiest man
    of all at the finish! Very proud!


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