Mercury Trophy 2020 Marshals required.

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Mercury Trophy 2020 Marshals required.

Our next event is the Mercury Trophy inter-club 2020 Rally, which we are organising on behalf of the AMSC. This is an evening road rally in South Norfolk on Saturday 6th January 2018. We are looking for marshals for time controls and passage checks. The event starts and finishes at The Old Ram on the A140 in Tivetshall St Mary, and will run between 7 pm and midnight.

If you can help please email me on or phone 07702 113684.

Thank you

Paul Brewerton

Chief Marshal

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2020 Marshals

I will be there Paul. Probably alone / or with dog.



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Thanks Jum!



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20/20 marshals

Hi Jim, I was planning on going with my MSA hat on

Still not driving fully so could accompany you and help out

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2020 Finals

The finals should be arriving in the appropriate inboxes soon.  As a heads-up, they will tell you that there was an error in the maps listed in the initial regs.

The maps needed are 134, 144 and 156 - not 155 as first stated.

Colin the CoC.



Ben Cutting
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Thanks to all of you for organising the 20/20 last night.

We are hoping to put on one late Sep early Oct in Suffolk if anyone is interested.


Ben & Steve


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Thanks for last night

Colin, Paul, Tony and everyone involved,

Thanks for a great 20/20 last night. We'd pulled a non-competing car out of a grip before TC2 so it was soon evident it was going to be a challenge! Can anyone explain why it was suddenly so slippery in odd places for no reason! I don't think it was just me because several others said the same.

A really competitive do which all the clubs seem to be taking increasingly seriously by putting in top crews.  That's brilliant. Very well done to King's Lynn. It was on the cards that they were likely winners but with such close results for the top 3 teams a swap of one place between teams would have turned the results round.

Thanks to every marshal who came out. The support was terrific and so helpful to the event team to have enough to man all TC's and some PC's too. It must have been a cold night to stand out for us.

I believe KL are planning another 20/20 in the next few months. A small series with an additional event would be a great addition to the calendar, Ben. There is a lot more work involved with the bigger rallies but I'm sure there would be support, even if it meant calling on other clubs for a bit of help. It seems there could be a resurgence of road rallying locally and after the quality of the last ones it's not surprising.

Thanks Colin. We knew it would be good and it was, in every respect.

Colin and Tony.


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20/20 thanks

Agreed with all above.

How great it is to be able to 'compete' in these larger local events against the top regional crews, more of this would be fantastic. Really enjoyable lanes with some challenges added in.

We were pleased to complete the whole route bar half of one section after being held up for a not rally related reason and decided to cut as we would have gone OTL.

Well done to Kings Lynn for the top prize. After their results on The Preston, I guess they were the favourites. What happened to the Howletts? They were doing very well on the first time card.

Thanks Colin, Paul, Tony and all the marshals, DSOs, etc... Fantastic to see so many friendly, smily faces out!

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My thanks.... all of you who supported the 2020.  The full entry of committed competitors, the huge band of heroic marshals, those who did the course cars so efficiently and of course Paul and Tony for all theiir support in helping make it happen.

It is reasonably easy to find good lanes in south Norfolk, less so to make the timing and the nav work so that everyone can make it round but that there is still enough of a challenge to test the real masters that are now entering and ensure we get a result.  Many congratulations to Kings Lynn for edging it, and to all who finished.

I'll always try to learn, and what I learned this time was that I need to think more carefully about placing the codeboards.  I am firmly in the camp that believes if you are on the right road you should see the board easily so I didn't try to hide them.  The only excuse I can offer is that circumstances meant I had to put them all out alone, which meant starting early and as they were to be there all day I tried to make it so they were not too vulnerable to passers by during the day.  I realise this also meant a handful were less than accessible to 20 very important passers by later on.  I am sorry and it will not happen in future.

I had a nice email from the local Police Inspector yesterday.  He apologised that, because their internal communications broke down, he and his officers had no idea what was going on and hence they reacted rather differently than they might have when they received a couple of calls.  He stressed that they found no evodence of bad driving or speeding either during the rally or in Pulham Market afterwards.  So we are all friends again.


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