OS map colour issues

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OS map colour issues

I've now come across my second OS paper Landranger map (first was the Chelmsford map bought last year) in which yellow roads are not coloured properly...a number of them on the 134 map I bought this week look like whites in many places (evidently they are not because at points along them they have splodges of yellow). 

Just wondering if others have come across this issue as it is of course going to make it tricky for navigators in 12 cars for CRO routes!! 

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OS Map colour issues

Hi Lucy

I have recently heard several  navigators complaining about the dificulty of distinguishing between yellows and whites on the new maps. Being a so-called 'driver', I naturally assumed that they were just trying to avoid taking the blame for all the Fails we had accumulated ! !

It sounds as though the Ordnance Survey should be contacted if the maps have a printing error, as surely you could be justified in claiming either your money back, or a properly printed copy ...

George Hendry

tony burchnall
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Absolutely right.

Hi George,

I think you are absolutely right. It's not just my eyes! I was looking at an old 1inch a few days ago and even in Wales with the forests and contour lines the yellows are clear. The current yellow is so insipid that you have difficulty even round here.

I'm sure it would help us a lot it we lost the pastel yellow in favour of the strong contrasting one.


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