2 / 3 March

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2 / 3 March

Jim Bowie
Ellen Sutton / Colin Sutton
... are doing the Tour of Cheshire:
Results: https://mtc1.uk/results/2019/tourofcheshire

Owen Turner / Rachel Vestey
David Lobb /
Keith Lane / Martin Lane
Ed Scott / Mike Thomas
Mark Peterson / Matt Endean
/ Kevin Ablitt
Graham Child /
John Parsons /
Luis Gutierrez-Diaz / Suze Endean
James Fewell / Alex Fewell
... are doing the Festival Targa Rally:
Results: http://rallyroots.com

Antony Allery / Callum Francis
Wayne Larbalester / Sarah Parish
Dean Fewings / Bob Smith
... are doing the Bovington Stages:
Results: http://www.vola-racing.com/rallypro/nicholls/

Robin Adams /
Tony Clements / Stanley Graham
/ Steve Noble
... are doing the Donington Rally:
Results: https://www.rallies.info/res.php?e=291

7oaks Scatter Feb
Name In Class Overall
Matt Endean 1 1
Suze Endean 1 1
Festival Targa
Name In Class Overall
Keith Lane DNF
Martin Lane DNF
Owen Turner 1 1
Rachel Vestey 1 1
Mark Peterson 8 11
Matt Endean 8 11
Kevin Ablitt 4 21
Graham Child 1 32
Festival Targa Clubmans
Name In Class Overall
Ed Scott 1 1
Mike Thomas 1 1
Luis Gutierrez-Diaz 2 4
Suze Endean 2 4
James Fewell 4 6
Alex Fewell 4 6
Tour of Cheshire
Name In Class Overall
Ellen Sutton 3 26
Colin Sutton 3 26
Jim Bowie 5 47
Donington Rally
Name In Class Overall
Steve Noble DNF
Robin Adams 2 11
Tony Clements 9 17
Stanley Graham 9 17
Bovington Stages
Name In Class Overall
Wayne Larbalester DNF
Sarah Parish DNF
Dean Fewings 1 16
Bob Smith 1 16
Antony Allery 9 36
Callum Francis 9 36
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Weekend Winners Congratulations

CMC members were represented all over the country in different events over the weekend and congratulations are due to all the award winners especially Owen & Rachel winning the Festival Targa ( with Gavin Rogers amongst his chasers) Ed & Mike winning the clubmans class and Dean Fewings getting his first class win in the TR7 V8 at Bovingdon.

Ellen & Colin Suttons 3rd in class on the Tour of Cheshire overcame an electrical gremlin that almost lead to their retirement. My first time performance on this event was "pretty average" navigating for Peter Engel, but with 76 claassified finishers we at least beat 29 of them! It was a long and tough event , where the top 3 were separated by just 5 marks after 10 timed tests and over 3 hours of regularity sections. Tony Michael & Kelly Radley did the event results, which were available online all day - a really great service.

Jim Bowie - Chairman

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Nice idesr

Is this to be a regular thing Jim?

Where you post people's achievements.

I think it's a very nice thing to do 

Good on you jim

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