20/21 July

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20/21 July

Suze Endean
Matt Endean
... are doing a hillclicmb at Gurston Down:

Ellen Sutton / Colin Sutton
John King / Andy Fowler
Matthew Mantle / Diane Mantle
George Hendry / Crow
... are doing the July Regularity 12 Car:

Antony Allery /
/ Richard Bonner
Edward Welham / Stuart Rod
... are doing the Core Driver Training Twyford Rally:

The Twyford Rally is very tight on numbers for marshalling and radios on Sunday 21st July.
If anyone is able to help, please contact

Signing on will be from 6-7.30 am. There will be a marshals draw and food at lunchtime.

Twyford Wood Stages
Name In Class Overall
Antony Allery DNF
Richard Bonner DNF
Edward Welham 5 21
Stuart Rod 5 21
July Reg 12 car
Name In Class Overall
Matthew Mantle 2 2
Diane Mantle 2 2
George Hendry 4 4
Ray Crowther 4 4
Brian Jaggs 6 6
Bob Blows 6 6
John King 7 7
Andy Fowler 7 7
Ellen Sutton 8 8
Colin Sutton 8 8
Gurston Down
Name In Class Overall
Matt Endean 8 99
Suze Endean 11 99
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Matt and I are out at Gurston

Matt and I are out at Gurston Down for a bit of fun on a hillclimb. Was supposed to be Loton Park but had a bit of 'mare there (out of our control!) so off to Gurston instead. Can't help with Twyford, as off to Hants for T20 (cricket) - won't be quite as good as having been at Lord's this Sunday!

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