1/2 November

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1/2 November

Owen Turner is navigating in the Rally of the Tests:

John Clayton
Mark Peterson
John Peterson
Tomasz Cebo
Wojciech Koziel
Luis Gutierrez Diaz
Roger Dudley
Robert Solarski
Jonathan Williams
Dariusz Grzesik
Andrew Jasik
Radoslaw Kmak
Rafal Surys
Jon Bray
Adrian White
Andy Donn
... are all doing an Autosolo at Debden:

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John Plant, Matt and I are

John Plant, Matt and I are doing a Car Trial near Ivinghoe on Sunday run by Falcon MC. There's a lack of "winter events" of car trials and scatters in this area compared to when we lived in Essex [and competed in Kent too] so looking forward to it!

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