30 September / 1 October

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30 September / 1 October

The Priestley 12 Car is on Friday night:

Andrew Bisping is doing the Curborough Sprint.

Adrian White
Bradley White
John Peterson
Patrick Kane
Martin Styles
... are doing the Stanta AutoSOLO:

Mark Bisping
Suze Endean
Matt Endean
... are doing the Boanerges PCA.
Roger Dudley is doing the Clubmans Boanerges Autosolo:

David Thornhill / Kevin Barnes are doing the Patriot Stages:
Results: http://amcrallyresults.co.uk

Name In Class Overall
Gary Lewis DNF
Simon Bartholomew DNF
Pat Tierney 1 1
Simon Rowan 1 1
Ben Cutting 1 2
Steve Cumbers 1 2
Jim Drake 1 3
Graham Robinson 1 3
Ben Howlett 2 4
Simon Howlett 2 4
Steve Radley 2 5
Colin Wake 2 5
Mike Banks 3 6
Mark Rutter 3 6
Julie Skuse 3 7
Nick Skuse 3 7
Rich Baker 2 8
Greg Clark 2 8
Richard Gormley 3 9
Ben Gormley 3 9
Curborough Sprint
Name In Class Overall
Andrew Bisping 1 99
Boanerges PCA
Name In Class Overall
Matt Endean 1 1
Suze Endean 5 5
Mark Bisping 8 8
Boanerges Autosolo
Name In Class Overall
Roger Dudley 2 3
Stanta Autosolo
Name In Class Overall
Martin Styles 6 12
Patrick Kane 7 17
Patriot Stages
Name In Class Overall
Dave Thornhill 6 24
Kevin Barnes 6 24
Stanta Autotest
Name In Class Overall
John Peterson 2 99
Stanta PCA
Name In Class Overall
Bradley White 5 99
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First time running of an Autosolo at this location - very near to where our CRS Targa ran.

Please contact Keith -

if you can possibly help out.

This is an AMSC/SCCON/WSMC/ECMC event and I would be pleased if any CMC members can volunteer, as these clubs regularly supply marshals to our events.

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OMC Autosolo/PCA this weekend

A few CMC members are out on the Oxford MC Autosolo/PCA on Sunday, including Matt and I.

My brother is competing for the first time on the PCA with me alongside... hence he has recently joined Chelmsford.

Other CMC members out include Roger Dudley.

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Priestley 12 Car Results

Priestley 12 Car Results are here


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Simon Rowan
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Thank you to the organising

Thank you to the organising team and all the marshals.  A great event and a great result for this new pairing.  It can only go down from here!  See you on the 20th.  Simon

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glass half full not half empty

next time 0 fails 0 min

thanks paul and team


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