Suze - London Marathon for Marie Curie

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Suze - London Marathon for Marie Curie

As some may have heard, I won't be at Clacton as instead I will be tackling the London Marathon for Marie Curie which is being held on the same day. Marie Curie supported Matt, I and our family when Matt's Dad was terminally ill and passed away very quickly back in 2009 so it's a charity that means something to us.

Training is clearly underway, if anyone would like to sponsor me you'd of course be very welcome and it would be appreciated! 

My fundraising page is:

I've started a marathon blog with a bit more about why I'm doing it etc at:

Whilst I will have 26.2 miles to tackle on 22nd April, I'll still be trying to find out and keep an eye on what's happening at Clacton!

Many thanks in advance for your support.