26/27/28 May

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26/27/28 May

/ Dennis Suttonwood is doing the Red Dragon IT Stage Rally:
Results: http://www.vola-racing.com/rallypro/nicholls/

Paul Sharp / Kevin Ablitt are doing the ORC Canal Rally in Belgium:
Results: http://rallyresultaten.be/2018/ORC2018.html

Julie Skuse / Nick Skuse /
Ellen Sutton / Colin Sutton
George Hendry / Crow
Steve Radley / Colin Wake
Jane Robinson / Graham Robinson
... are doing the May Regularity 12 Car:

Keith Lane / Julie Lane
Sheldon Furby
James Fewell / Alex Fewell
... are doing the Classic Tracks:
Results: http://rallyroots.com

Red Dragon I.T. Stages
Name In Class Overall
Dennis Suttonwood DNF
ORC Canal Rally
Name In Class Overall
Paul Sharp DNF
Kevin Ablitt DNF
AMSC May Regularity
Name In Class Overall
Colin Sutton 1 1
Ellen Sutton 1 1
Steven Radley 3 3
Colin Wake 3 3
Julie Skuse 4 4
Nick Skuse 4 4
Jane Robinson 5 5
Graham Robinson 5 5
Classic Tracks Targa
Name In Class Overall
Keith Lane 12 12
Julie Lane 12 12
Sheldon Furby 10 39
James Fewell 16 47
Alex Fewell 16 47
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I will be at World RallyX giving Autosolo demo rides at Silverstone on both days.

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