4/5 August

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4/5 August

Matt and Suze Endean are doing the Loton Park Hillclimb:

/ Chris Heatherington
Shaun Weston / Dean Mevo
... are doing the Tyneside Stages on Sunday:
Results: http://results.djames.org.uk/results/overall.php?EventID=534&StageID=0&O...

Steve Mcnulty is doing the Phoenix Stages on Sunday:
Results: https://www.rallies.info/res.php?e=273

Ben Howlett / Simon Howlett
Paul Sharp / Kevin Ablitt
... are doing Les Boucles Chevrotines on Sunday:
Info: http://www.tout-le-rallye.be/forum/rallye-boucles-des-chevrotines-infos-...
Results: http://www.time-sportauto.be/18/ra-chevrotines/HTM/homeasaf.htm

There is also the Lotus Hethel Sprint on Sunday.

Loton Hillclimb
Championship Overall Class
Matt Endean Sprint 99 14 -
Suze Endean Sprint 99 17 -
Tyneside Stages
Championship Overall Class
Shaun Weston Stage Rally Driver 0 0 DNF
Dean Mevo Stage Rally Co-driver 0 0 DNF
Chris Heatherington Stage Rally Co-driver 43 2 -
Boucles Chevrotines
Championship Overall Class
Paul Sharp Stage Rally Driver 0 0 DNF
Kevin Ablitt Stage Rally Co-driver 0 0 DNF
Ben Howlett Stage Rally Driver 10 3 -
Simon Howlett Stage Rally Co-driver 10 3 -
Lotus Hethel Sprint
Championship Overall Class
Dean Clayton Sprint 99 2 -
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Hill Climb

This Saturday Suze & I are off to do our first ever Hill Climb at Loton Park.

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Boucles Chevrotines

Paul Sharp and I are also doing Les Boucles Chevrotines.

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