4/5 August

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4/5 August

Matt and Suze Endean are doing the Loton Park Hillclimb:

/ Chris Heatherington
Shaun Weston / Dean Mevo
... are doing the Tyneside Stages on Sunday:
Results: http://results.djames.org.uk/results/overall.php?EventID=534&StageID=0&O...

Steve Mcnulty is doing the Phoenix Stages on Sunday:
Results: https://www.rallies.info/res.php?e=273

Ben Howlett / Simon Howlett
Paul Sharp / Kevin Ablitt
... are doing Les Boucles Chevrotines on Sunday:
Info: http://www.tout-le-rallye.be/forum/rallye-boucles-des-chevrotines-infos-...
Results: http://www.time-sportauto.be/18/ra-chevrotines/HTM/homeasaf.htm

There is also the Lotus Hethel Sprint on Sunday.

Loton Hillclimb
Name In Class Overall
Matt Endean 14 99
Suze Endean 17 99
Tyneside Stages
Name In Class Overall
Shaun Weston DNF
Dean Mevo DNF
Chris Heatherington 2 43
Boucles Chevrotines
Name In Class Overall
Paul Sharp DNF
Kevin Ablitt DNF
Ben Howlett 3 10
Simon Howlett 3 10
Lotus Hethel Sprint
Name In Class Overall
Dean Clayton 2 99
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Hill Climb

This Saturday Suze & I are off to do our first ever Hill Climb at Loton Park.

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Boucles Chevrotines

Paul Sharp and I are also doing Les Boucles Chevrotines.

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