18/19th August

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18/19th August

Owen Turner / Rachel Vestey are doing the Lasseters Classic Outback Trial (18-25th August):
RallySafe tracking: http://app.rallysafe.com.au/Event/PublicView/2562
Results: http://www.rallyresults.com.au/cot/results2018/

Nabila Tejpar is doing the Ulster Rally:
Results: https://www.rallyscore.net/#/results/1032/837?Ulster-Rally

Robin Adams
Gavin Thomson / Simon Golding
Antony Allery / Callum Francis
/ Howard Pridmore
... are doing the Dukeries Rally on Sunday:
Results: https://rallies.info/res.php?e=274

Mark Peterson
John Peterson
Suze Endean
Matt Endean
Richard Nel
Martin Styes
Bex Styles
Duncan Christmas
Laura Christmas
...are doing the ECMC AutoSOLO at Wethersfield on Sunday:

Dukeries Rally
Name In Class Overall
Gavin Thomson DNF
Simon Golding DNF
Antony Allery DNF
Callum Francis DNF
Robin Adams 1 6
Howard Pridmore 8 26
ECMC Autosolo
Name In Class Overall
Duncan Christmas 1 3
Mark Peterson 1 4
Laura Christmas 3 7
Matt Endean 2 13
Suze Endean 7 25
ECMC Autotest
Name In Class Overall
Richard Nel 1 6
John Peterson 2 8
Martin Styles 1 10
Jon Bray 3 18
Bex Styles 3 19
Ulster Rally
Name In Class Overall
Nabila Tejpar 9 44