25/26 August

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25/26 August

Owen Turner / Rachel Vestey are doing the Lasseters Classic Outback Trial (18-25th August):
RallySafe tracking: http://app.rallysafe.com.au/Event/PublicView/2562
Results: http://www.rallyresults.com.au/cot/results2018/

/ Thomas Grogan
Brian Watts /
...are doing the Old Forge Garage Mewla Rally:
Results: https://www.ewrc-results.com/results/45515-old-forge-garage-mewla-rally-...

Mewla Rally
Name In Class Overall
Thomas Grogan DNF
Brian Watts 2 42
Classic Outback Trial
Name In Class Overall
Owen Turner 5 15
Rachel Vestey 5 15
Loton Park August Sprint Sat
Name In Class Overall
Andrew Bisping 4 99
Loton Park August Sprint Sun
Name In Class Overall
Andrew Bisping 2 3