20/21 October

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20/21 October

Harvey Steele is doing the Devils Own Rally:

Matt Endean is doing the Sputnik AutoSOLO:

Tony Clements / Stanley Graham
Paul Hands / Lee Bezuidenhout
Vince Bristow / Tim Sayer
Paul Sharp / Kevin Ablitt
... are doing the Hemicuda Rally:
Results: http://rallyresultaten.be/2018/Hemicuda2018.html

Patrick Kane
Martin Styles
Bex Styles
Jim Bowie
Jon Bray
Amelia Bray
Tim Glover
Jessi Glover
...are doing the WSMC Autosolo at Debden:

Sputnik Autosolo
Name In Class Overall
Mark Peterson 1 2
Matt Endean 2 3
Devils Own Rally
Name In Class Overall
Harvey Steele 4 24
End of Season Sprint
Name In Class Overall
Dean Clayton 5 99
Hemicuda Rally
Name In Class Overall
Paul Hands DNF
Lee Bezuidenhout DNF
Vince Bristow 1 69
Tim Sayer 1 69
Debden Oct Autotest
Name In Class Overall
Martin Styles 1 1
Bex Styles 3 3
Tim Glover 4 4
Amelia Bray 9 9
Jessi Glover 10 10
Debden Oct Autosolo
Name In Class Overall
Mark Peterson 1 2
Duncan Christmas 2 3
Jim Bowie 3 11
Jon Bray 4 12
Patrick Kane 5 19
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I will be out on the Bovingdon Autosolo on Saturday morning.

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