Dare to be Different - and go hungry ?

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Dare to be Different - and go hungry ?

As always, Sally and I had a great time marshalling at the Wethersfield Bonfire Targa ( let's not mention my idiotic indiscretion ! ) 

The Motorsport UK are trying to involve more females in our sport (hence the Subject of this topic ) and a quick scan through the entry list revealed a good percentage were ladies - and roughly equates with the percentage of the population who prefer not to eat meat - many more females are veggies than men.

And so to the reason for this post - at the Targa held in the spring,  my wife and anyone else who can't or won't eat bacon went hungry. On Sunday, the offer was more extensive (chips !) but still not an egg to be had - so it was a good job I had smuggled a couple in past security and persueded the 'chef' to fry them for Sally. So my bacon was saved anyway ...

Chelmsford can be proud that what they do is done really well - and we feel it's an honour, as members, to be a part of that. But can our club somehow ensure that those who do 'Dare to be Different' do not have to beg for an egg ??

( Fabulous provision of toilets by the way ! )

George Hendry 

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Veggie-friendly snacks

I agree with George - at present my enthusiastic small companion, Judy, is the main beneficiary of any meat that turns up in my rolls etc.  Egg would be a very welcome alternative (sorry canines!)

Anne Still

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