AMSC Stanta Targa 29th December = Marshals required

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AMSC Stanta Targa 29th December = Marshals required

Help is needed for the Stanta Christmas Targa Rally to be run over the tracks at Stanta Battle Ground on Saturday 29th December, organised by AMSC in association with ECMC, SCCoN & WSMC. As it is an MoD site marshal registration is mandatory; the guys on the gate will be adopting the jobsworth mantra you’re not on the list, go away. Links to the marshal registration form can be found on the individual club websites AMSC, ECMC, SCCoN & WSMC, take your pick. Maximum entry of 45, no double drives and the entry count at 3rd December stands at 41. No spectators, the only way to join in the fun is to enter or marshal.

Please sign up if you can - what better way to get over Christmas and prepare for the New Year!

Paul Brewerton

CMC rep for AMSC