19/20 January

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19/20 January

Our MGJ Engineering Brands Hatch Winter Stages is the main event this weekend:
Results: http://www.vola-racing.com/rallypro/nicholls/

Ian Graham is doing the Ryemoor Trophy Rally:
Results: https://www.rallies.info/res.php?e=286

MGJE Brands Hatch Stages
Name In Class Overall
Chris Page DNF
Darren Scott DNF
William Moore DNF
Mick Johnson DNF
Mark Wade DNF
Lee Bezuidenhout DNF
Ade Summers DNF
Stuart Moore DNF
Peter Pears DNF
Jonathan Williams DNF
Tim Self 2 5
James Slaughter 1 9
Sarah Flynn 1 9
Peter Kettle 8 17
Lee Earthy 5 21
Richard Bonner 5 21
Ben Gill 7 25
David Didcock 7 25
Michael Walton 8 26
Jamie Vaugan 8 26
Vince Bristow 4 28
Tim Sayer 4 28
Tony Michael 7 38
Paul Barrett 7 38
Dean Fewings 10 39
Bob Smith 10 39
Kevin Jarvis 11 40
Robert Pomphrett 11 40
Kevin Ablitt 8 43
Shaun Weston 12 44
Dean Mevo 12 44
Ed Scott 9 45
Rich Baker 9 45
Joseph Van Vilsteren 7 50
Rene Van Vilsteren 7 50
Paul Mayhew 14 54
Dean Mitchell 14 54
Ryemoor Trophy
Name In Class Overall
Ian Graham DNF
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Brands Hatch MGJ Stages

May I thank the organisers and marshals for the smooth running of the MSN/MSV Stage Rally at Brands on Saturday, and particularly the large number of helpers involved with set up and clear up.  A number of helpers come from outside the club itself and their support is highly appreciated.

A link to the results is available on this site, and show what a fantastic battle there was between the top 3 seeded crews, with victory going to the white 306 Maxi of Chris West.  

Tony Michael our Comp Sec has shown the positions of crews entered under CMC above.


Jim Bowie - Chairman


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Event Media Officer Andrew

Event Media Officer Andrew Bisping has put up a great report on the event web site here:


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Brands Hatch Report - Brilliant

Excellent report Andrew Bisping - Event Media Officer - many thanks.   

Great photos of Newton defying gravity!


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