Kent 20/20 on 9 November 2019 - entries and marshals needed

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Kent 20/20 on 9 November 2019 - entries and marshals needed

The H.W. Clark 20/20 Trophy Rally on 9 November 2019 needs some more entries and marshals. 

All details are here:

This is the first round of an ASEMC 20/20 championship.  CMC will also run a round. 


Presenting 100 miles of the most challenging lanes we could find all on map 179 starting and finishing at the Folkestone Truck Stop just off the M20. With the first car starting at 20:46 the event will be completed just after midnight allowing both competitors and marshal’s time to get home and not be out all night. Navigation will be plot ‘n’ bash utilising sealed envelopes for expert crews and easier navigation provided to novices, half of which will be supplied 90 minutes before the start allowing every other section to be plotted before they set off into the dark.

The event is the first round of the ASEMC 20/20 Championship set to run 2019/2020 and is open to all registered contenders of the championship and members of clubs who are also members of the Weald Motor Club. If your club is not invited please get in touch.