16/17 June

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16/17 June

Our big event this weekend is the East Anglian Classic:
Entries: https://mtc1.uk/Entry/EAC18/EntryList.php
Results: https://mtc1.uk/results/2018/eac

Ian Graham is doing the GPMC Memorial Road Rally:

/ Samm Keeley
William Moore / Stuart Moore
... are doing the Flying Fortress Stages:
Results: https://www.rallies.info/res.php?e=270

Ben Howlett / Simon Howlett are doing Rallye de la Haute-Senne:
Results: http://www.braineautoclub.be/live/evo4.php

East Anglian Classic Run
Championship Overall Class
Norman Garland Road Rally Navigator 0 0 DNF
Sheldon Furby Road Rally Driver 1 1 -
Peter Littlefield Road Rally Navigator 1 1 -
Barry Moore Road Rally Driver 2 2 -
Richard White Road Rally Navigator 2 2 -
Duncan Christmas Road Rally Driver 4 4 -
Andrew Crawley Road Rally Navigator 4 4 -
East Anglian Classic
Championship Overall Class
Rachel Vestey Road Rally Driver 7 1 -
Owen Turner Road Rally Navigator 7 1 -
John Peterson Road Rally Driver 10 2 -
Bob Blows Road Rally Navigator 10 2 -
Rob Henchoz Road Rally Navigator 26 3 -
Ellen Sutton Road Rally Driver 27 4 -
Colin Sutton Road Rally Navigator 27 4 -
GP Memorial Rally
Championship Overall Class
Ian Graham Road Rally Navigator 20 6 -
Flying Fortress Stages
Championship Overall Class
William Moore Stage Rally Driver 0 0 DNF
Stuart Moore Stage Rally Co-driver 0 0 DNF
Samm Keeley Stage Rally Co-driver 8 2 -
Rallye de la Haute Senne
Championship Overall Class
Ben Howlett Stage Rally Driver 13 3 -
Simon Howlett Stage Rally Co-driver 13 3 -
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EAC great day

Yet another very enjoyable day out marshalling IRTCs on the East Anglian Classic.

Apologies to Tony for not being where we should for our 2nd control, I messed up big time and went straight to E4 and not D1... basically I was at the right place but wrong time. We managed to get there just in time in the end.

Thorpe Abbotts looked a great venue but we didn't get time to see any of the tests.

Competitors looked happy whenever they got to us and all very appreciative. Well done to winners and all finishers, and also to all the team behind.

Thanks for looking after us from Valentina, Sofia and Luis.

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