MG ZR Enduro Wanted

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Conrad Bos
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MG ZR Enduro Wanted

I am looking for a MG ZR Endurance car that is reliable/competitive or can be made so.

I really would like to get one sorted in time for the Xpart, has anyone got one or know of one that really needs a new owner?

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There are a few enduro cars advertised on M and H site. You can access it by clicking on the logo at the bottom of this page..if any problems pm me and i will give you password

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Hi, I have a white Rover 214

Hi, I have a white Rover 214 Enduro car for sale, potentially very competitive, built by the Rover Centre, there is a full advert on eBay with lots of pictures and full details of the car and all the spares that come with it. I'm just outside Chelmsford.
If you are interested ring me on 07885 874031.

On ebay here: UK-logbook-loads-spares-/390712371160

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Justin Smith
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Bargain !

Bargain !

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