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club meeting place

is it just me ? or is the landlord of the Generals Arms a miserable bart. in all the time i have been going to the club nights i dont think i have seen him show any gratitude for our custom and even after charging me £3.50 for a thimble full of luke warm coffee could not bring a smile to his face. i just dont think he make any effort to make you feel welcome. i for one will never spend another penny in the place. 

can i be the first to vote for a change of venue

oh and by the way MERRY CHRISTMASS everyone


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I don’t go that often now, but I would agree with this view.

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I've been saying this for

I've been saying this for about 3 years now, I won't go near the place anymore.

Time to move on, committee are you listening?

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I agree.

I think it is something we should discuss at the next committee meeting, I know others who are of the same opinion.

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club venue

this is looking like our own little BREXIT debate

Julie Lane
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Totally Agree

Suprised we haven't all suffocated due to lack of atmosphere! 

Never made to feel welcome. Expensive! With all thier guest beers tasting the same.

There must be another Pub / meeting place that would welcome our custom.

last Thursday was the last time we'll be going. 


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I have to agree with all of

I have to agree with all of your, I will ask for it to go on the next Committee Meeting Agenda, although we have discussed it before.

The problem is finding another place, any body got any ideas.

Gary Nicholls


Julie Lane
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Have a pub in mind

Have a Pub in mind that could work , have spoken to the landlady who appears interested but can't do the third Thursday each month.

What would be club members preferred night and how frequently would they like to meet?

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First Thursday?

Could they do the first Thursday of the month for committee meetings?


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I agree with the above, we

I agree with the above, we ate there twice and said never again! As Gary said it was looked at a few years ago. I came up with a list of alternatives but not being local it was a bit tricky, I'll see if I can find it for next committee.

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