14/15 July

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14/15 July

Antons Kuzenko / Jim Bowie are doing the Holrus Targa Rally:
Results: http://rallyroots.com/

Suze Endean is doing the OMC Twisted Arms Grass Autotest:

Ray Heal Memorial Sprint
Championship Overall Class
Dean Clayton Sprint 99 5 -
Twisted Arms Autotest
Championship Overall Class
Matt Endean Autotest 2 1 -
Suze Endean Autotest 9 4 -
Holrus Targa
Championship Overall Class
Antons Kuzenko Targa Rally Driver 30 6 -
Jim Bowie Targa Rally Navigator 30 6 -
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We were marshalling down at

We were marshalling down at Goodwood yesterday, and I'm out on the Oxford MC grass autotest tomorrow.

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