28/29 July

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28/29 July

David Lobb / Jim Bowie
Keith Lane / Julie Lane
Antons Kuzenko / Jim Bowie (presumably Jim's stunt double will feature in the seeded entry list when it appears)
James Fewell / Alex Fewell
Sheldon Furby
... are doing the 116 Targa Tracks:

Bradley Howlett
is doing the Harry Flatters Rally:
Results: http://www.rallyroots.com

Mark Coleman
Suze Endean
Matt Endean
Dean Clayton
Anthony Hyatt
Anthony Allery
Lee Williams
Simon Wallis
... are doing the TAMS Packaging North Weald Sprint:

Summer North Weald Sprint
Name In Class Overall
Simon Wallis 1 1
Dean Clayton 1 6
Lee Williams 4 10
Anthony Allery 5 13
Matt Endean 1 14
Suze Endean 3 22
Anthony Hyatt 1 39
Mark Coleman 5 41
116 Targa
Name In Class Overall
Keith Lane 13 19
Julie Lane 13 19
Sheldon Furby 8 34
James Fewell 6 38
Alex Fewell 6 38
Harry Flatters Nat B
Name In Class Overall
Bradley Howlett 2 21
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NW Sprint

Suze and I will be at the NW Sprint, along with Dean Clayton.

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116 Targa Stunt Navigator !

I am not navigating for either of them - I'm going to a party with Janet! They put my name on their entries to ensure that they got in.

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