17/18 November

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17/18 November

Our Autumn Leaves 12 -Car is on Friday:

Mick Johnson / Peter Pears are doing the NHMC Cadwell Stages:

Dean Fewings / Bob Smith
Antony Allery / Callum Francis
... are doing the Challenger Stages:
Results: http://www.vola-racing.com/rallypro/nicholls/

Matt Endean / Suze Endean
Gary White / Bradley White
Antons Kuzenko / Dmitry Ivanov
/ Lizzie Pope
/ Ben Greenfield
Adrian White / Lewis White
Paul Pridham / Heather Pridham
Chris Woolley /
Bradley White / Gary White
Suze Endean / Matt Endean
... are doing the Rushmoor Targa:
Results: http://fdmc.ewebnet.co.uk/

Challenger Stages
Name In Class Overall
Antony Allery DNF
Callum Francis DNF
Dean Fewings 6 39
Bob Smith 6 39
Name In Class Overall
Matt Endean DNF
Matt Endean DNF
Suze Endean DNF
Suze Endean DNF
Antons Kuzenko 1 2
Dmitrijs Ivanovs 1 2
Ben Greenfield 2 6
Adrian White 3 8
Lewis White 3 8
Bryan Cherrett 5 19
Jack Cherrett 5 19
Paul Pridham 5 33
Heather Pridham 5 33
NHMC Cadwell Stages
Name In Class Overall
Mick Johnson DNF
Peter Pears DNF
Loughborough Sporting Trial
Name In Class Overall
John Peterson 6 99
Lyng Garage Car Trial
Name In Class Overall
Mark Peterson 7 99
Sara Fink 8 99
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12 car

There's the CMC Autumn Leaves 12 car too, although technically on the 16th!! laughing

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Lots of CMC members out on the Rushmoor Targa Rally, not all are listed as CMC members as CMC wasn't an invited club.


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