1 / 2 February

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1 / 2 February

John Peterson / Ian Graham
Jon Bray / Jack Matthews
... are doing the 144 12 Car:

John King / Andy Fowler
... are doing the Ross Traders Historic Rally:
Results: http://rallyroots.com/

Mark Peterson / Jim Bowie
... are doing the Alan Healy Memorial Cadwell Park Stages:
Results: https://results.djames.org.uk/results/?e=589

The 144 12 Car
Name In Class Overall
John Peterson 2 4
Ian Graham 2 4
Jon Bray 1 9
Jack Matthews 1 9
Ross Traders Historic Rally
Name In Class Overall
John King DNF
Andy Fowler DNF
Alan Healy Memorial Cadwell Park Stages
Name In Class Overall
Mark Peterson 4 26
Jim Bowie 4 26
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SCCON 12 Car needs Marshals

Taken from Facebook:

Friday's 12 car is in danger of being cancelled as the organisers are desperately short of marshals, if you can help please contact Howard or Gordon as soon as possible.

Perhaps join/post in the SCCON Facebook group if you can help.

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