22/23 August

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22/23 August

The "M-Sport Return to Rally Stages" runs on Saturday, and might feature some video coverage.

Mark Peterson is doing the doing the Summer Autocross

Matt Endean
Suze Endean
Mike Thomas
Duncan Christmas
Laura Christmas
Jonathan Bray
Anton Kuzenko
... are doing the Clubmans Summer Autocross (Sunday):

Ian Mephan is doing the Wings All Day Autotest:

Samm Mepham
Ian Graham
... are doing the Akeman 20/20 Rally:

Summer Autocross Clubmans
Name In Class Overall
Anton Kuzenko 1 2
Duncan Christmas 2 7
Matt Endean 3 8
Suze Endean 4 9
Laura Christmas 5 11
Akeman 20/20
Name In Class Overall
Ian Graham 4 6
Samm Mepham 4 11
Wings Autotest
Name In Class Overall
Ian Mepham 2 11