Weald Motor Club - an umbrella group of clubs in and near Kent.
CMC members can compete in Weald Clubman's events.

Bexley Light Car Club - www.bexleylightcarclub.co.uk
Blackpalfrey Motor Club of Kent - www.blackpalfrey.co.uk
Borough 18 Motor Club - www.borough18motorclub.weebly.com
Borough 19 Motor Club - www.borough19motorclub.org.uk
Central Sussex Motor Club - www.censusmc.co.uk
Chelmsford Motor Club - www.chelmsfordmc.co.uk
Croydon & District MC -www.croydonanddistrictmotorclub.co.uk
Guildford Motor Club - www.guildfordmotorclub.org.uk
Maidstone & Mid Kent Motor Club - www.mmkmc.co.uk
North West Kent Motor Club
Sevenoaks & District Motor Club - ww.sevenoaksmotorclub.com
Southern Car Club - www.southerncarclub.com

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