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2018 Club Championships Tables

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Championship Rules

Last results update: 17 Apr 2018 20:11 - Ilkley Jubilee Rally


Top 15 places - click here for the full table.
1Mark Peterson37178526
2John Peterson8187424
3Jim Bowie3717418
4Ian Graham88216
5Matt Endean547316
6Suze Endean574316
7Bradley White76213
8Gary White67213
9Ed Scott84212
10Martin Lane146311
11Simon Wallis55210
12Alistair Brown818
13Andrew Bisping818
14Antons Kuzenko818
15Ben Howlett818

Marshal of the Year

Top 15 places - click here for the full table.
NameABCDEFScores Total
1Jim Bowie121145AMercury Trophy
2Scott Page211145BBrands Hatch Stages Setup
3John Davie2224CMGJE Brands Hatch Stages
4Martin Newson2224DJanuary Jaunt
5Paul Brewerton11133ETendring Hundred
6Peter Brewerton11133FMarch Hare
7Ben Scott2123
8Dave Saint1223
9John Conboy1223
10Stanley Graham1223
11Andy Merchant1122
12Colin Sutton1122
13Ellen Sutton1122
14Ian Rowles1122
15Kelly Radley1122

Official of the Year

Top 15 places - click here for the full table.
NameABCDEScores Total
1Colin Sutton1223AMercury Trophy
2Alan Barnard212BMGJE Brands Hatch Stages
3Ben Scott212CJanuary Jaunt
4Charley Webber212DTendring Hundred
5Dave Judd212EMarch Hare
6Dave Town212
7Dave Walton212
8Gary Nicholls212
9Geoff Oates212
10Graham Burton212
11Howard Downes212
12Jim Bowie212
13John Conboy212
14John Gray212
15John Horton212

Junior Championship

1Zoe Russell109219AJanuary Jaunt
2Jack Cherrett16116BTendring Hundred
3Alex Fewell12112CBramley Targa
4Emilie Russell919DMarch Hare
EBath Festival Rally

12 Car Rally Driver

NameABCDEFGHScores Total
1Luis Gutierrez-Diaz112811432AMercury Trophy
2Rob Russell1099328BJanuary Jaunt
3Steven Radley1210222CBoundless Feb
4John Peterson129221DRichard Archer Memorial
5Tim Rowan1010220ETendring Hundred
6Tony Burchnall117218FChris More Memorial
7Julie Skuse368317GMarch Hare
8Jim Drake67213H7oaks Scatter April
9Alistair Brown12112
10Paul Wickes11111
11Rob Nugent73210
12Simon Bartholomew919
13Suze Endean919
14Michael Helm818
15Mark Peterson717
16Ed Scott616
17Mike Banks515
18Gordon Popperwell414
19Matthew Marven414

12 Car Rally Navigator

NameABCDEFGHScores Total
1Simon Rowan71010312542AMercury Trophy
2Colin Wake3810321BJanuary Jaunt
3Lucy Fryer1128321CBoundless Feb
4Zoe Russell109219DRichard Archer Memorial
5John Conboy117218ETendring Hundred
6Mark Rutter512217FChris More Memorial
7Nick Skuse368317GMarch Hare
8Graham Robinson67213H7oaks Scatter April
9Ian Graham12112
10Suze Endean11111
11Tim Loftus11111
12Emilie Russell919
13James Bartholomew919
14Matt Endean919
15Jim Bowie717
16Ben Scott616
17Brian Jaggs414
18Craig Marven414

Road Rally Driver

NameABCDScores Total
1Keith Lane910219ABagger 18
2Harvey Steele10110BBruce Robinson
3John Peterson10110CKick Rally of Derbyshire
4Mark Peterson10110DIlkley Jubilee Rally

Road Rally Navigator

NameABCDEFScores Total
1Ian Graham1216101439ABagger 18
2Kevin Ablitt109219BRyemoor Trophy
3Martin Lane910219CBruce Robinson
4Lizzie Pope11111DJohn Robson Rally
5Jim Bowie10110EKick Rally of Derbyshire
FIlkley Jubilee Rally

Stage Rally Driver

NameABCDEFGHIJScores Total
1Lee Jones10201331AMGJ Brands Hatch Stages
2James Slaughter1216228BSouth Downs Stages
3Bradley Howlett8162326CCambrian Rally
4Matt Maxted168224DSnetterton Stage Rally
5William Moore716223ERallye de Hannut
6Robin Adams1012222FRallye Le Touquet
7Ben Howlett20120GAGBO Historic Stages
8Matthew Ockendon20120HRally North Wales 2WD
9Roger Cox20120IAlan Healy Memorial Cadwell Park Stages
10Gavin Thomson612218JRallynuts Stages
11Mick Johnson68214
12Tony Michael76213
13Dale Lawson12112
14David Earthy12112
15Vince Bristow12112
16Suze Endean84212
17Ben Dawson10110
18Sheldon Furby10110
19Simon Wallis10110
20Ben Gill28210
21Lewis Gatt717
22Kevin Boyle616
23Dean Fewings22236
24Charles Johnston515
25Nabila Tejpar2224
26Tony Clements313
27Lee Williams1223
28Ian Dalglish212
29Ian Mepham212
30Jonathan Williams212
31Kevin Jarvis212
32Mark Peterson212
33Pete Wilkins212
34Will Graham212
35Mark Wade111
36Shaun Weston111
37Stefan Taylor111
38Stuart Cadman111

Stage Rally Co-driver

1Simon Howlett81620344AMGJ Brands Hatch Stages
2Samm Keeley28510425BSouth Downs Stages
3Stuart Moore716223CSnetterton Stage Rally
4Tim Sayer1210222DSMC Stages
5Sam Cox20120ERallye de Hannut
6Vicky Barry20120FRallye Le Touquet
7Simon Golding612218GAGBO Historic Stages
8Ade Summers412216HRally North Wales 2WD
9Peter Pears68214IRally North Wales 2WD Modern
10Steve McNulty86214JTour of Caerwent
11Paul Barrett76213KGet it Sideways Stage
12Andrew Lawson12112LAlan Healy Memorial Cadwell Park Stages
13Howard Pridmore12112
14Jack Hanley12112
15Nick Vigors12112
16Richard Bonner12112
17Matt Endean84212
18Peter Horsman10110
19Ray Keith10110
20Thomas Grogan10110
21David Didcock818
22Lee Bezuidenhout818
23Martin Lane818
24Irene Lewsey616
25Bob Smith22236
26Kieran Hogben515
27Dean Mitchell313
28Stanley Graham313
29Brian Watts212
30Caroline Brampton212
31Dave Didcock212
32Jack Didcock212
33Jim Bowie212
34Mark Wade212
35Robert Pomphrett212
36Wayne Larbelestier212
37Daniel Bashier111
38Dean Mevo111
39Dennis Suttenwood111
40Jonathan Williams111
41Paul Baile111
42Wayne Larbalestier111

Targa Rally Driver

NameABScores Total
1David Lobb2016236ABramley Targa
2Bradley White16116BBath Festival Rally
3Bryan Cherrett16116
4Mark Peterson16116
5Gary White12112
6James Fewell12112
7Keith Lane12112
8Ed Scott818
9Paul Pridham818
10Heather Pridham515
11Kevin Tilsley414

Targa Rally Navigator

NameABScores Total
1Antons Kuzenko2020240ABramley Targa
2Gary White16116BBath Festival Rally
3Jack Cherrett16116
4Jim Bowie16116
5Simon Bartholemew16116
6Alex Fewell12112
7Bradley White12112
8Greg Clark12112
9Martin Lane12112
10Rich Baker12112
11Josh Bobin818
12Mike Thomas818
13Kevin Tilsley515
14Heather Pridham 414


NameAScores Total
1Martin Styles20120AWSMC Debden P Autotest April
2Matt Coe818
3Danielle Styles717
4Owen Turner111


NameABScores Total
1Matt Endean1612228ABrakefast AutoSOLO
2John Peterson20120BWSMC Debden Autosolo April
3Mark Peterson20120
4Toby Groves10110
5Patrick Kane717


NameABCScores Total
1Andrew Bisping720227AGreat Western Sprint
2Dean Clayton720227BAbingdon Long Course Sprint
3Antony Allery16116CNorth Weald Sprint
4John Peterson16116
5Lee Williams12112
6Simon Wallis10110
7Tony Allery10110
8Mark Coleman818


NameScores Total

Car Trial

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