Club Championships

2017 Club Championships Tables

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Championship Rules

Last results update: 15 Nov 2017 16:16 - Rally of the Tests


Top 15 places - click here for the full table.
1Matt Endean57887878858
2Suze Endean788754667958
3Simon Rowan78835531
4Owen Turner8778430
5Ian Mepham8588429
6Sheldon Furby8786429
7Jim Bowie84348527
8John Peterson888324
9Keith Lane887323
10Martin Lane878323
11Rachel Vestey878323
12Mark Peterson3668423
13Laura Christmas876321
14Carrie Rogers578320
15John Parsons668320

Marshal of the Year

Top 15 places - click here for the full table.
1Kelly Radley11121122211014AAIC 2020
2Paul Brewerton21111221811BBrands Hatch Winter Stages
3Brian Petty212222611CJanuary Jaunt
4George Hendry221222611DTendring Hundred
5Chris Slack22222510EMarch Hare
6Sally Hendry22222510FJavalin's Jumbo Targa
7Anne Still2221259GEast Kent 20/20
8Jamie Graham1222259HApril Blossom
9Jim Bowie111112178IMay Regularity
10Lucy Fryer2121258JHughes Historic
11Christine Newson222248KEast Anglian Classic
12Dean Clayton222248LCDE Wethersfield Stages
13Gary Maddocks222248MPriestley 12 Car
14John Boot222248NHalloween 12 Car
15John Davie222248OBonfire Targa

Official of the Year

Top 15 places - click here for the full table.
1Dave Judd222248AAIC 2020
2Paul Brewerton2121258BBrands Hatch Winter Stages
3Tony Michael122247CJanuary Jaunt
4Alan Barnard22236DTendring Hundred
5Geoff Lobb22236EMarch Hare
6Jim Bowie22236FJavalin's Jumbo Targa
7Karen Scott22236GApril Blossom
8Mark Andrews22236HMay Regularity
9Paul Barrett22236IEast Anglian Classic
10Richard Nel22236JCDE Wethersfield Stages
11Dave Town2224KPriestley 12 Car
12Gary Nicholls2224LHalloween 12 Car
13John Conboy2224MBonfire Targa
14John Horton2224
15Ken Paterson2224

Junior Championship

1Jack Cherrett162088212666AAnglian Inter-club 20/20
2Alex Fewell82088444BJanuary Jaunt
3Emilie Russell57862528CTendring Hundred
4Finn Kane2628DJavalin's Jumbo Targa
5Zoe Russell6228EApril Blossom
6Louise Clements2325FDC's Tostig Targa
GTwisted Arms Grass Autotest
HBomb-Along Targa
IComplete Rally Services Challenge M
JBonfire Targa

12 Car Rally Driver

1Tony Burchnall1012101067655AAnglian Inter-club 20/20
2Steven Radley111088312652BJanuary Jaunt
3Ben Cutting1112119443CBoundless Feb
4Jim Drake81111110541DTendring Hundred
5Mike Banks1212427537EBoundless March
6George Hendry109710436FMarch Hare
7Ellen Sutton91211332GEast Kent 20/20
8John Peterson11712330HSDMC Scatter April
9Rob Russell5786426IApril Blossom
10Simon Rowan1699425JAMSC May Regularity
11Pat Tierney1210222KAMSC July Regularity
12Luis Gutierrez-Diaz967322LMorning Mist
13Emma Henchoz1110221MAMSC Aug Regularity
14Gordon Popperwell109219NPriestley
15Alistair Brown567318OBen & Steve's 12 Car
16Damien Rigden86214PHalloween
17Matt Endean59214
18Ian Mepham12112
19Rachel Vestey12112
20Richard Gormley48212
21Bradley Howlett11111
22Michael Banks11111
23Julie Skuse56211
24Suze Endean91210
25Ben Howlett919
26Karen Rowan919
27Ed Scott818
28Steve Radley818
29Gary Lewis828
30Jim Bowie717
31Chris Rose616
32Ed Abbott515
33Paul Pridham515
34Rich Baker515
35Graham Child111
36Joe Rowan111

12 Car Rally Navigator

1Mark Rutter121012427711865AAnglian Inter-club 20/20
2John Conboy4101210107653BJanuary Jaunt
3Colin Wake11883812650CBoundless Feb
4Graham Robinson81111110541DTendring Hundred
5Ray Crowther109710436ERichard Archer Memorial
6Suze Endean56799536FBoundless March
7Steve Cumbers111211334GMarch Hare
8Colin Sutton91211332HEast Kent 20/20
9Simon Rowan911210532ISDMC Scatter April
10Tim Rowan1699425JApril Blossom
11Simon Howlett911220KAMSC May Regularity
12Emilie Russell578320LAMSC July Regularity
13Brian Jaggs109219MMorning Mist
14Ian Graham117218NAMSC Aug Regularity
15Nathan Brown567318OPriestley
16Ian Orford86214PBen & Steve's 12 Car
17Jim Bowie85213QHalloween
18 Bob Blows12112
19Owen Turner12112
20Ben Gormley48212
21Nick Skuse56211
22Rob Henchoz10110
23Matt Endean91210
24Lucy Fryer919
25Ben Scott818
26Simon Bartholomew828
27Spike Rahman717
28Amy Burt616
29Ken Shields616
30Zoe Russell616
31Dave Town515
32Greg Clark515
33Vince Hawtree515
34Kevin Ablitt414

Road Rally Driver

1Keith Lane1991291610766ABagger 17
2Steven Radley181911348BPrimrose
3Rob Henchoz2918329CBruce Robinson Rally
4Sheldon Furby1188327DBath Festival Rally
5Paul Sharp815223ETour of Cheshire
6Ellen Sutton7961423FNorth Yorkshire Classic
7Jamie Turner20120GKick Start Rally of Derbyshire
8Peter Goodwin20120HIlkley Jubilee Historic Rally
9Graham Child911220IThe Devil’s Tour
10Thomas Bricknell14114JHughes Historic Rally
11Rachel Vestey104214KHughes Club Rally
12Michael Staniforth13113LEast Anglian Classic
13Alex Garwood12112MEast Anglian Classic Run
14John Peterson12112NRoss Traders Historic Rally
15Owen Turner111212OSt Wilfrids Classic
16Paul Hernaman818PMercian Rally
17Ed Abbott717QMercian Clubmans Rally
18Emma Henchoz717RNovember Sun Run
19David Lobb111SRally of the Tests
20Gavin Rogers111
21John Parsons111

Road Rally Navigator

1Ian Graham71113121313669ARyemoor Trophy
2Martin Lane1991291610766BBagger 17
3Bob Blows120111018560CPrimrose
4Colin Wake181911348DBruce Robinson Rally
5Lizzie Pope9816333EBath Festival Rally
6Carrie Rogers1513228FThree Legs of Mann
7Kevin Ablitt10711328GKick Start Rally of Derbyshire
8Rob Henchoz10710327HIlkley Jubilee Historic Rally
9Colin Sutton7961423IThe Devil’s Tour
10Robin Hernaman20120J061 Road Rally
11Owen Turner104214KLeukaemia Historic Rally
12James Staniforth13113LHughes Historic Rally
13Dale Eve12112MHughes Club Rally
14Sean McGuire10110NEast Anglian Classic Run
15Ray Crowther818OEast Anglian Classic
16Jim Bowie111PRoss Traders Historic Rally
QBeaver Rally
RSt Wilfrids Classic
SMercian Rally
TMercian Clubmans Rally
UNovember Sun Run
VRally of the Tests

Stage Rally Driver

NameABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopScores Total
1Ben Dawson1216202016584ABrands Hatch Stages
2Ian Woodhouse11612161612673BSnetterton Stage Rally
3Sheldon Furby5116112128755CRichard Archer Memorial
4David Earthy10101020450DDonington Rally
5Matt Endean208161445ERallye de Hannut
6Kevin Boyle128161437FBorder Counties Rally
7Ben Howlett121210334GLee Holland Memorial Rally
8Nabila Tejpar8222163633HWest Cork Rally
9Ross Wey261012430IPaintworx AGBO Stages
10James Slaughter84121212730JGet It Sideways Stages
11Lee Earthy22110101626KTour of Caerwent
12Dave Thornhill167223LSomerset Stages
13William Moore7123322MAlan Healy Memorial Cadwell Park Stages
14Robert Swann20120NRally Salamandre
15Robin Adams20120OCorinium Stages
16Paul Gibbs52121420PPirelli International Rally
17Chris Selfe16116QManx National Rally
18Duncan Metcalfe16116RPlains Rally
19Stuart Delf16116SMiddlewick Stages
20Lee Williams12121416TORC Canal Rally
21Richard Phillipson122214URallynuts Severn Valley Stages
22Will Graham122214VRally Van Wervik
23Mick Johnson661313WAbingdon CAR-nival Stages
24Matt Maxted12112XFlying Fortress Stages
25Pete Wilkins12112YYpres Rally
26David Taylor84212ZNicky Grist Stages
27Harvey Gibbs101211aNicky Grist Stages 100
28Robert Dillon101211bRallysprint TBR
29Gavin Thomson10110cTwyford Wood Stages
30Michael Juric10110dBoucles Chevrotines
31Simon Crook10110eDukeries Rally
32Mark Peterson2729fMewla Rally
33Ed Scott818gCDE Wethersfield Summer Stages
34Latchezar Delibashev818hPromenade Stages
35Paul Sharp818iWoodpecker Stages
36Tony Michael818jRallye de la Semois
37Andrew Juric124148kNational B Rally Isle of Man
38Callum Francis717lPatriot Stages
39Charles Johnston717mHermicuda Rally
40Paul Moran717nWRGB
41Jonathan Williams222147oNeil Howard Stages
42James Avis616pWydean
43Paul Sharp211145
44Roger Cox 414
45Chris Page21134
46Ben Gill2123
47David Thornhill212
48Gavin Rogers212
49Graham Sansom212
50Joshua Newton212
51Barney Lower111
52Ben Greenfield111
53Chris West111
54David Gathercole111
55David Longfellow111
56James Gratton-Smith111
57Joe Evett111
58John Indri111
59Mark Jasper111
60Philip Smith111
61Simon Wallis111
62Vince Bristow111

Stage Rally Co-driver

1Suze Endean208161445ABrands Hatch Stages
2Simon Howlett121210334BSnetterton Stage Rally
3John Parsons511212430CDonington Rally
4Kevin Barnes2167325DRallye de Hannut
5Carrie Rogers168224ELee Holland Memorial Rally
6Camille Penkalla20120FPaintworx AGBO Stages
7Irene Lewsey128220GTour of Caerwent
8Louise Earthy1010220HSomerset Stages
9Stuart Moore712219IAlan Healy Memorial Cadwell Park Stages
10Samm Keeley2121211619JHoriba D'Isis Stages
11Paul Lowman16116KRally Salamandre
12Phil Davies16116LCorinium Stages
13Wayne Larbalestier12121416MManx National Rally
14Richard Bonner10111413NMiddlewick Stages
15Angela Gibbs12112OORC Canal Rally
16Caroline Brampton12112PAbingdon CAR-nival Stages
17Conor Wey12112QFlying Fortress Stages
18Jill Norton66212RBoucles Chevrotines
19Jamie Gibbs101211SDukeries Rally
20Alister Crook10110TMewla Rally
21Andrew Juric10110UCDE Wethersfield Summer Stages
22Simon Golding10110VRallye de la Semois
23Paul Barrett28210WPatriot Stages
24Kevin Ablitt811310XHarold Palin Memorial Stages
25Jim Bowie2729YHermicuda Rally
26Mark Townsend818ZWydean
27Rich Baker818
28Svetlana Delibashev818
29Eleanor Gibbs52138
30Michael Juric124148
31Conor Buxton717
32James Threlfall717
33Kieran Hogben717
34Tom Grogan717
35Julian Avis616
36Sam Keeley616
37Tom Woodburn616
38Mark Wade22236
39Dennis Suttenwood515
40Dave Thomason313
41David Didcock2123
42Ade Summers11133
43Graham Child212
44Max Haines-Messenger212
45Russell Burton212
46Tom Ward212
47Tom Jordan1122
48Anthony Capon111
49Chris Heatherington111
50Don Whyatt111
51Harry Brown111
52Kevin Abbitt111
53Lee Bezuidenhout111
54Lizzie Pope111
55Mark Broadbent111
56Mark Ellis111
57Martyn Donn111
58Peter Horsman111
59Peter Pears111
60Robert Smith111
61Tim Sayer111

Targa Rally Driver

1David Lobb202020201206101AJavalin's Jumbo Targa
2Antons Kuzenko1220161212201259100BWashingpool Targa
3Andrew Bainbridge16201616468CDC's Tostig Targa
4Adrian White20161212460DClassic Tracks Targa
5Bryan Cherrett16208212558EKemble Targa Rally
6Sheldon Furby1212020453FHolrus Targa Rally
7Matt Endean712207446GYstwyth Targa Rally
8Alan Wakeman716516444H116 Targa Tracks
9James Fewell82088444IBomb-Along Targa
10Ian Hazleton101616342JComplete Rally Services Challenge M
11Keith Lane2042125116942KComplete Rally Services Challenge C
12Gavin Rogers2020240LComplete Rally Services Challenge V
13Mark Peterson812108438MExmoor Targa
14Alan Coombs7108210537NMull Targa
15John Parsons5722127635OBonfire Targa
16Owen Turner1220232
17Martin Styles77810432
18Martin Lane16212330
19Patrick Kane261210430
20Laura Christmas8201329
21Alistair Brown81018427
22Jon Hunt1212224
23Suze Endean816224
24Graham Child12102324
25Luis Gutierrez-Diaz74121424
26Dan Lukas511611524
27Rob Thompson11210323
28Peter Goodwin1516322
29Simon Rowan120221
30Vince Hawtree33762521
31Andrew Long20120
32Craig Staniland20120
33Eamonn Byrne20120
34James Newbould20120
35Julian Riley20120
36Mark Davenport20120
37Jim Bowie4862420
38Neil Peterson127219
39James Martin162218
40Rich Baker162218
41Duncan Christmas161217
42Ben Fisher16116
43Ben Smith16116
44Bob Wisniewski16116
45David Harris16116
46James Lambton16116
47James Portway16116
48John Conboy16116
49Jonathan Stimpson16116
50Mark Slatcher88216
51Bex Styles2427415
52Tom Grant77214
53Gee Warner67213
54Alan Kirkham12112
55Ben Griffin12112
56Craig Belworthy12112
57Dan Arthurton12112
58Rob Kitchen12112
59Danielle Styles102212
60Heather Pridham3522412
61Kevin Tilsley6222412
62Paul Pridham24312512
63Claire Gillies10110
64David Taylor10110
65Ian Mepham10110
66Jonathan Williams10110
67Nick Banks10110
68William Saunders10110
69Matthew Marven37210
70Karen Rowan271310
71Keith Bramley235310
72Daniel Warner3629
73Rob McHugh42339
74Dale Lawson818
75Marc Sheffield818
76Phil Johnson818
77Rob Russell6228
78Andy Pullan717
79Christine Styles717
80George Lambton717
81Jack Ramsay717
82Mick Beauchamp717
83Paul Sharp717
84Tony Burchnall717
85Dariusz Grzesik616
86Dave Bradley616
87Iain Macdonald616
88John O'Reilly616
89Martyn Armstrong616
90Mick Rose616
91Richard Preston616
92Jim Drake4226
93Kevin Fisher2426
94Ashley Rowan515
95Brian Grant515
96Damien Rigden515
97Mark Wade515
98Robert Watson515
99Sam Grant515
100Steve Smallbone515
101Tony Clements2325
102Andy Donn414
103Christopher Rose414
104Ding Boston414
105Freddy Camp414
106Gary White414
107Matt Page414
108Peter Brewerton414
109Richard Oxley414
110Alan Hockham313
111Bradley White313
112Dave Leadbetter313
113Donald Bangs1223
114Murray MacDonald1223
115Robert Turner1223
116Andrew Smith212
117Andy Ktoris212
118Ben Greenfield212
119Conrad Bos212
120David Ginn212
121Dick Athow212
122Ed Scott212
123Ian Woollacott212
124James Taylor212
125James Vincent212
126John Chopping212
127John Welton212
128Lee Earthy212
129Leigh Welton212
130Luke Allen212
131Mark Banham212
132Mark Brumwell212
133Nick Bilsborrow212
134Rafal Surys212
135Richard Atherton212
136Rob Palmer212
137Stefan Taylor212
138Steve Massey212
139Tim Tordoff212
140John Peterson1122
141Krzysztof Czechowicz1122
142Maciej Czechowicz1122
143Adrian Hodgson111
144Ben Scott111
145Charlie Rees111
146Christopher Evans111
147Dean Fewings111
148Harvey Steele111
149Nick Van Praag111
150Nigel Craig111
151Paul Hebden111
152Rachel Vestey111
153Richard Leggett111
154Rob Alderman111
155Robert Whelan111
156Simon Phillips111
157Susan Gibbard111

Targa Rally Navigator

1Adrian White20202020480AJavalin's Jumbo Targa
2Antons Kuzenko8121220120673BWashingpool Targa
3Alan Coombs16201616468CDC's Tostig Targa
4David Lobb204161212564DClassic Tracks Targa
5Jack Cherrett16208212558EKemble Targa Rally
6Matt Endean8161216452FYstwyth Targa Rally
7Jim Bowie2012108450G116 Targa Tracks
8Alex Fewell82088444HBomb-Along Targa
9Alan Wakeman101616342IRali Dyffryn Twymyn Targa
10Ian Hazleton71616339JComplete Rally Services Challenge M
11Andrew Bainbridge7108210537KComplete Rally Services Challenge C
12Carrie Rogers1620236LComplete Rally Services Challenge V
13Lizzie Pope2016236MExmoor Targa
14John Parsons12120333NBonfire Targa
15Rachel Vestey1220232
16Martin Lane20516432
17Sheldon Furby57127431
18Keith Lane16212330
19Bex Styles102810430
20Mark Peterson12862428
21Nathan Brown81018427
22Janis Abols205225
23Vince Hawtree74122425
24Dan Brentnall1212224
25Suze Endean7107324
26Ben Scott220222
27Dan Roberts1210222
28Anthony Preston20120
29Ashley Rowan20120
30Charles Long20120
31Mark Manning20120
32Matt Gibbson20120
33Rachel Davenport20120
34Sara Riley20120
35Andrew Doyle162218
36Greg Clark162218
37Laura Christmas161217
38Brian Cammack16116
39George Lambton16116
40Jane O'Donnell16116
41Ken Larking16116
42Malcolm Stewart16116
43Mark Appleton16116
44Matt Clark16116
45Paul Lettington16116
46Tony Burchnall16116
47Alistair Leggett88216
48Martin Styles727316
49Simon Rowan2715415
50Christine Styles77214
51Luis Gutierrez-Diaz337313
52Kevin Tilsley35212513
53Alex Rawlings12112
54David Smalley12112
55Ed Rutherford12112
56Joe Massey12112
57Kieran Barnett12112
58Rob Granger12112
59Ryan Avatd12112
60Will Brown12112
61Heather Pridham6222412
62Josh Bobin2432411
63Digby Wolff10110
64Liam Carfrae10110
65Mark Wade10110
66Phil Johnson10110
67Steve Thompson10110
68Tom Saunders10110
69Craig Marven37210
70Rob McHugh235310
71Julie Lane42121510
72Duncan Christmas8129
73Kevin Fisher3629
74Keith Bramley42339
75Andrew Lawson818
76Shaun Hannon818
77Emilie Russell6228
78Finn Kane2628
79Brian Grant717
80James Lambton717
81John Conboy717
82Len Fletcher717
83Luke Allen717
84Luke Jackson717
85Nicky Staniforth717
86Paul Barrett717
87Robert Watson717
88Ian Orford2527
89Connor Armstrong616
90Karen Preston616
91Kevin Ablitt616
92Murray Macdonald616
93Nicholas Sparks616
94Phil Littlemore616
95Sakub Kupra616
96Stuart Kingham616
97Tay-Lah Bradley616
98Daniel Warner2426
99Danielle Styles2426
100Gavin Leech1526
101Alan Smith515
102Jack Ramsay515
103Jonathan Williams515
104Mike Spicer515
105Rafal Surys515
106Tim Grant515
107Tom Grant515
108Louise Clements2325
109Amy Burt414
110Andrew Lowe414
111Andy Ktoris414
112Bradley White414
113Gavin Blackwell414
114Graham Lacey414
115Mike Vainola414
116Paul Brewerton414
117Vlad Ardeleanu414
118Ian Graham11234
119Cath Woodman313
120Gary White313
121Simon Fowler313
122Chris Bangs1223
123Iain MacDonald1223
124Adrian Gladwin212
125Alan Lock212
126Barney Lower212
127Dan Lukas212
128Diane Walker212
129Graham Child212
130Graham Robinson212
131Ian Frazer212
132James Fewell212
133James Hoare212
134John Welton212
135Kelvin Phipps212
136Leigh Welton212
137Mark Redgate212
138Mathew Smalley212
139Matt Page212
140Neil Kerry212
141Neil Peterson212
142Neil Thomson212
143Nigel Craig212
144Oliver Bos212
145Peter Littlefield212
146Richard Bonner212
147Rob Henchoz212
148Robert Ginn212
149Zoe Russell212
150Krzysztof Czechowicz1122
151Maciej Czechowicz1122
152Bob Smith111
153Charlie Walker111
154Craig Staniland111
155Daniel Leggett111
156Dick Athow111
157Greg Thompson111
158James Griffiths111
159John Whelan111
160Karen Rowan111
161Kevin Fagan111
162Lucy Fryer111
163Mark Bramall111
164Martin Pitt111
165Norbert Celejewski111
166Owen Turner111
167Paul Hebden111
168Paula Alderman111
169Robert Turner111
170Susan Gibbard111
171Tom Ward111
172Yann Tytgadt111


1Matt Endean207162020583AFoxley Autotests
2Martin Styles10201616462BSevenoaks 27 April
3Roger Dudley10102020460CERMC Sprint Autotest
4Ian Mepham2020240DGrasshopper
5John Peterson2016236EDebden PCA
6Bex Styles12107329FWethersfield Autotest Aug
7Suze Endean7678428GWethersfield Production Car Autotest Aug
8Bryan Cherrett20120HTwisted Arms Grass Autotest
9Matt Coe810218IHaymaker
10Danielle Styles57212JStanta Autotest
11Christine Styles425311KStanta PCA
12Bradley White818LBoanerges PCA
13Dan Roberts818MAutumn Autotest
14Jack Cherrett818NDebden Autotest Oct
15Richard Nel616ODebden PCA Oct
16Barney Lower515PAutumn Antics Autotest
17Mark Bisping515
18Jordan Osborn313
19Rebecca Bedding212


1Ian Mepham162016352AKemble Autosolo
2Matt Endean127816443BBocardo Autosolo
3Andrew Bisping1620236CKempton Park Autosolo May
4Martin Styles777321DAbingdon CAR-nival Autosolo
5Duncan Christmas20120EWestonzoyland Autosolo
6Mark Peterson20120FDebden Autosolo
7Barney Lower16116GWethersfield Autosolo Aug
8Wojciech Koziel16116HBrands Hatch Autosolo Sept
9Simon Rowan610216ISDMC Autosolo Sept
10Patrick Kane68214JStanta Autosolo
11Laura Christmas12112KBoanerges Autosolo
12Paul Sharp12112LSputnik Autosolo
13Roger Dudley12112MDebden Autosolo Oct
14Suze Endean919


1Andrew Bisping1020161220161616161671020222016219AGreat Western Sprint
2Dean Clayton1012161212712781BAbingdon Long Circuit Sprint
3Matt Endean20120CTAMS Packaging North Weald Sprint
4Mark Coleman98217DDimanche Sprint
5Lee Williams16116ESDMC Sprint April
6Simon Wallis16116FHerts Spring Sprint
7Suze Endean12112GB19 Snetterton Sprint
HMay Llandow Sprint
ILlys y Fran Hillclimb
JBARC Wales Summer Sprint Sat
KBARC Wales Summer Sprint Sun
LAbingdon CAR-nival Sprint
MDennis Motorsport Epynt Hillclimb Sat
NDennis Motorsport Epynt Hillclimb Sun
OGurston Down
PShelsley Walsh
QLydden Hill Sprint
RDick Mayo Sprint
SJohn Clarke Sprint
TAutumn Speed Finale Sat
UAutumn Speed Finale Sun
VCurborough Sprint


NameScores Total

Car Trial

NameABScores Total
1Suze Endean16116AHolbecks Trial
2Harry Lane111BSROC Tyro Trial
3Nigel Lane111