Simon Rowan - Sad News

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Simon Rowan - Sad News


I'm very sad to report that club member Simon Rowan died last night following his long battle with cancer. 

The funeral will be at Braintree Crematorium at 12.00 on Tuesday 28th August , then afterwards at The Six Bells in Boreham.

 Simon was a very active member of the club during the last 3 years,  competing as a driver, navigator and marshal. 

It was great that he was able to attend the Club Barbeque last month, to collect his award as Winning Navigator of the 12 Car Winter Series, after using no less than 4 drivers to steer him through the lanes.  

Our thoughts are with his family.


Jim Bowie    Club Chairman

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I'm sorry to read of Simon's

I'm sorry to read of Simon's passing. I'm sure I'm not the only one who didn't know for a while of Simon's fight as he didn't complain; at the start of a 12 Car he insisted on giving me money for the London Marathon (which I did for Marie Curie), and it was then that I learnt of his fight. We started to exchange emails and he was so kind and supportive of my efforts pre and post event, which I'll always appreciate.

Rest in peace Simon, and thoughts with your family and friends.

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Simon Rowan - Sad News

So sorry to hear the news, such a nice man we had several laughs competing against him in 12 cars.

Ben Cutting & Steve Cumbers

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