2019 motorsport licence

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2019 motorsport licence

So my new nat b licence has arrived .

Motorsport uk has stated they are lowering the cost of the sport. By upping the cost of the licence?

No blue book ?

Anyone know how we  find the rules and regs ?

Or do we have to research?

Or will it be down to organising clubs to advise in regs .

What about tyre list 1a or 1b is it still relevant I feel a bit lost not being able to plan before the season kicks off 

Any help gratefully received 

Cheers Dean 



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2019 Blue Book


The Blue Book is now on line on the Motorsport UK website  https://www.motorsportuk.org/News-Publications/Publications/Yearbook

I have a few paper copies for the club and can let you have one if you need it (I'll be at Brands or you can collect from my house in Chelmsford).

Clubs' SRs requirements don't change -as always they only define the event requirements and clarify any variations from the standard Blue Book General Regulations.

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Blue book

Hi Paul I'll be at brands too

If you have the list for 1b tyres on paper that would be great Dean

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