16/17 March

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16/17 March

Matthew Abrey / Claire Gilles are doing the Three Legs of Mann:

Paul Pridham / Josh Bobin
Adrian White / Jamie White
Gary White / Bradley White
Bradley White / Gary White
Matt Tilsley /
/ Matt Tilsley
Matt Endean / Suze Endean
Suze Endean / Matt Endean
Anton Kuzenko / Ciaran Welsh
/ Dick Athow
Tom Grant / Sam Ruddock
Brian Grant / Tom Grant
... are doing the Bramley Targa Rally:

Bex Styles
Martin Styles
... are doing the Brooklands AutoSolo:

Nabilia Tejpar is doing the West Cork Rally:
Results: http://live.irallyresults.com/CMCRally/000007/overallRes.html

Three Legs of Mann
Name In Class Overall
Claire Gilles 5 21
Bramley Targa
Name In Class Overall
Adrian White 3 3
Jamie White 3 3
Bradley White 4 4
Gary White 4 4
Gary White 5 5
Bradley White 5 5
Anton Kuzenko 6 12
Ciaran Welsh 6 12
Suze Endean 7 29
Matt Endean 7 29
Ben Curran 7 31
Dick Athow 6 33
Matt Endean 8 37
Suze Endean 8 37
West Cork Rally
Name In Class Overall
Nabilia Tejpar 11 32
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Weekend Rally Report

Lots of CMC crews on the Bramley Targa , but as at 12.15 I cant find any results other than in various FB posts. I understand Ben Griffin & Peter Littlefield ( Peug 106)  won by a margin. Matt Endean had a small off in his MG with bonnet damage but Matt & Suze finished I believe. Antons used his MR2 as 206 not ready yet. Await more stories and Martin Styles result on the Brooklands Autosolo.

Nabila Tejpar did well to finish the 2 day West Cork Rally with 70th out of 95 finishers with a massive 51 retirements. Craig Breen won from Matt Edwards & Tom Cave. Mikko Hirvonen won best 2Wd in a Mk2 Escort.

  Matthew Abrey & Claire Gillies came 5th in class on the 3 Leggs of Man in the Road to Saigon yellow Mini - Matt is driving this on the Targa on 31st March.

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