Javalin Jumbo Targa 31st March - Last Call for Marshals

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Javalin Jumbo Targa 31st March - Last Call for Marshals

Marshals Final Instructions and Competitors Finals will be sent soon.

We are doing OK for marshals but if anyone was thinking of coming but not yet registered you've got about 36 hours to let us know.

Tony has seeded the entries and we are all set to go.




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Targa Thanks

Thanks to all involved for organising/running today. Thanks too to those who helped which allowed us to start, and finish! We wouldn't have managed another test but glad we just bought a trailer so could get home... Time for some repairs now!

As a final thanks, I had a pot out today collecting for my half marathon/marathon/10km efforts for Dementia Revolution (this was also out at the club night). Thank you for the generous donations, very much appreciated.

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Many thanks to everyone who made yesterday a great days rallying, a bit challenging at times in the ZR, but a great event.

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