7/8 September

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7/8 September

A busy weekend!

Mark Holmes / Mark Perryman
Stuart Cadman / Dennis Suttenwood
Richard Baker /
Ed Scott / Ben Scott
Sheldon Furby / Peter Littlefield
... are doing the Three Shires Stages:
Results: https://rallies.info/res.php?e=305

Bradley Howlett /
Vince Bristow / Tim Sayer
... are doing the Tour of Flanders:
Results: http://rallyresultaten.be/2019/omloop-van-vlaanderen-2019.html

Tony Rees / Geraint Thomas
Stefan Taylor
... are doing the Rali Bae Ceredigion:
Results: https://rallylivetiming.info/livetiming/event/1009

Rik Coleman / Robert Best
Stephen Williams /
Ryan Mone /
Paul Merryweather / Sandra
Nigel Booley / Dave Catto
Dean Fewings / Bob Smith
Antony Allery / Callum Francis
Wayne Larbalestier / Simon Dockray
Derek Adams / Tania Emery
Gavin Thomson / Simon Golding
Robin Adams / Ray Keith
Barrie Marshall / Oliver Marshall
Lee Williams /
Tony Michael / Paul Barrett
James Fewings / Lewis Taylor
Matt Endean / Suze Endean
Paul Sharp / Kevin Ablitt
Ross Wey / Conor Wey
Barney Lower / Ben Dawson
Sheldon Furby / Peter Littlefield
Mark Wade / Jonathan Williams
Simon Larner / Richard Bonner
Jim Bowie / Duncan Christmas
Latchezar Delibashev / Svetlana Delibashev
Mark Peterson / Laura Christmas
/ Barry Young
/ Dennis Suttenwood
William Moore / Stuart Moore
/ Matt Suttenwood
... are doing the Rix Engineering Wethersfield Stage Rally:
Results: http://www.vola-racing.com/rallypro/nicholls/

There is the Stirling Moss Trophy Sprint at North Weald:

Three Shires Stages
Name In Class Overall
Ed Scott DNF
Sheldon Furby DNF
Ben Scott DNF
Mark Holmes 3 5
Mark Perryman 3 5
Richard Baker 12 35
Stuart Cadman 10 37
Dennis Suttenwood 10 37
Tour of Flanders
Name In Class Overall
Vince Bristow DNF
Tim Sayer DNF
Bradley Howlett 9 29
Wiscombe Park Sept Sat
Name In Class Overall
Andrew Bisping 4 99
RE Wethersfield Stage Rally
Name In Class Overall
Antony Allery DNF
Gavin Thomson DNF
Derek Adams DNF
Lee Williams DNF
Latchezar Delibashev DNF
Mark Wade DNF
Callum Francis DNF
Simon Golding DNF
Tania Emery DNF
Roland Francis DNF
Svetlana Delibashev DNF
Jonathan Williams DNF
Matt Suttenwood DNF
Dennis Suttenwood 1 3
Robin Adams 1 4
Stephen McNulty 3 9
Ryan Mone 3 9
Ross Wey 4 10
Conor Wey 4 10
Paul Sharp 3 11
Kevin Ablitt 3 11
William Moore 4 14
Stuart Moore 4 14
Simon Dockray 5 15
Wayne Larbalestier 5 15
Mark Peterson 1 16
Laura Christmas 1 16
Barney Lower 4 17
Ben Dawson 4 17
Jim Bowie 3 19
Duncan Christmas 3 19
Dean Fewings 6 20
Bob Smith 6 20
Tony Michael 2 21
Paul Barrett 2 21
Simon Larner 3 22
Richard Bonner 3 22
Matt Endean 4 23
Suze Endean 4 23
Stephen Williams 4 29
Dave Catto 6 32
Nigel Booley 6 32
Sandra Merryweather 9 34
Paul Merryweather 9 34
James Fewings 12 38
Lewis Taylor 12 38
Barrie Marshall 6 39
Oliver Marshall 6 39
Stirling Moss Trophy Sprint
Name In Class Overall
Dean Clayton 2 6
Rali Bae Ceredigion
Name In Class Overall
Tony Rees 5 19
Geraint Thomas 5 19
Stefan Taylor 5 28
Wiscombe Park Sept Sun
Name In Class Overall
Andrew Bisping 3 99
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Busy Weekend Follow Up

Congratulations to the multiple award winners at all the events that took place last weekend, and to the marshals, some of whom attended more than one event , or were involved in set up and clear up duties on multiple days.

The first running of Wethersfield as an AMSC event went well , with strong representation from all the local clubs with particular effort on the CMC front by Mark Andrews, Alistair Brown, Chris Slack, Gary & Stephen Maddocks, George Hendry, Ade Wardman, Dave Saint, John Conboy, Paul Masser , Mark Iskander, Luis Diaz, Lucy Fryer & Alan Barnard. Any CMC members that did 2 days I've forgotten please reply on here. 

Club members scooped 14 trophies with Robin Adams the highest overall driver in 4th. We had a clean sweep of Top 3 places in Class B lead by Mark Peterson/Laura Christmas ( first time co driving), Tony Michael/Paul Barrett 2nd & Simon Larner ( new car debut)/Richard Bonner 3rd.

My condolonces go to Sheldon Furby & Pete Littlefield who had a nasty accident on the Three Shires,, not within their control,  which put them both in hospital and destroyed the MG. Both guys are on the mend, and of course Sheldon couldn't make it to Wethersfield. One co driver that hopped from 3 Shires to Wethersfield was Dennis Suttenwood finishing 37th on Saturday and 3rd with Ross Daniels on Sunday.

Stefan Taylor ( 2017 Preston Rally winner) was seeded at 114 on Rally Bae Ceridigion as it was only his second ever stage rally, and he didn't finish the first one. That event had a top quality entry but by stage 2 he was setting top 20 times and despite getting a slow notional time on SS3, 20s of road penalties, and an off on SS6 which detached the complete exhaust nequiring the anti lag to be switched off he still finished an excellent 28th overall. He won the David Metcalf Award for Drive of the Day.

Dean Clayton notched another fine 6th overall ( 2nd in class to a Porsche GT3) at the North Weald Sprint in a Clio Turbo he drives in the road legal class.


Jim Bowie

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