Wethersfield Rally Trial 2020

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Wethersfield Rally Trial 2020

Since it’s currently not possible to plan for the event we would have hoped for, the organising team are very keen to run an event in its place. We are tremendously grateful for the continued support of Rix Engineering to help us make this happen.

It is our intention to cater for those hungry to get back to motorsport in a way that will keep us all safe and hopefully motoring into the future with increasingly fewer restrictions.

Given that most potential competitors, marshals and other volunteers will have no experience of an event quite like this, we welcome your thoughts on the proposal for AMSC to run a Rally Time Trial in accordance with Motorsport UK's phased re-introduction of Rallying to the UK.

To this end we have created a short survey, and plan to host an Online Forum on Friday 10th July at 8pm to give interested parties a chance to shape the plans for the event.

More details here : http://wethersfieldstages.co.uk/

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Rally Time Trial & Forum Update

This is a quick note to advise that the Forum planned for Friday evening 10th July has been cancelled for a combination of reasons including 1. The prospect of proper rally events being authorised by Motorsport UK very soon, 2. The required confirmation from Wethersfield of venue availability on 13th Sep for a rally type event & 3. Financial viability of a Rally Time Trial event.

Further information will follow soon.



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On the web page says regs are

On the web page says regs are due out on Monday 10th. Is that also when entries open?

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Entries Notice

There will be advance notice of when entries will open, but that may not be soon. Motorsport UK are not issuing permits as far ahead of events as normal. 

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Thanks - as long as I don’t

Thanks - as long as I don’t miss it, that’s all that I’m concerned with.

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