26/27 September

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26/27 September

John King/Tracy King are doing the HERO Summer Trial:

John Peterson
Lewis White
Bradley White
... are doing the Snetterton Grass Production Car Autotest:

Andrew Bisping
Simon Wallis
... are doing the CAR-nival Sprint:
Live video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLouJDdZgyY

Darrell Taylor / Peter Kettle
Shaun Weston / Dean Mevo
Antony Allery / Simon Dockray
Wayne Larbalestier / Archie Larbalestier
Dean Fewings / Barry Suker
Lee Williams / Jim Bowie
Mike Webb / Steve Noble
Jonathan Wright / Aaron Wright
Mick Johnson / Peter Pears
Laura Christmas / Duncan Christmas
... are doing the CAR-nival Stages:
Results: http://www.vola-racing.com/rallypro/nicholls/
Live video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJyp3EW0PdI

Alfie Kane
Patrick Kane
Luis Gutierrez-Diaz
Suze Endean
Jon Bray
Owen Turner
Adrian White
Gary White
Ian Mepham
Christine Styles
Alfie Hammond
Martin Styles
Neil Peterson
John Peterson
Mark Peterson
... are doing the Coulson AutoSolo:

Andy Donn
Graham Child
...are doing the Sevenoaks Autotest:

CAR-nival Sprint
Name In Class Overall
Simon Wallis 1 1
Andrew Bisping 5 6
Dean Clayton 9 25
Snetterton Grass Autotest
Name In Class Overall
John Peterson 2 2
HERO Summer Trial
Name In Class Overall
John King 5 12
Tracy King 5 12
CAR-nival Stages
Name In Class Overall
Antony Allery DNF
Dean Fewings DNF
Simon Dockray DNF
Barry Suker DNF
Darrell Taylor 6 13
Peter Kettle 6 13
Shaun Weston 9 17
Dean Mevo 9 17
Lee Williams 14 31
Jim Bowie 14 31
Wayne Larbalestier 11 37
Archie Larbalestier 11 37
Laura Christmas 5 64
Duncan Christmas 5 64
Mike Webb 21 65
Steve Noble 21 65
Jonathan Wright 17 67
Aaron Wright 17 67
Mick Johnson 9 69
Peter Pears 9 69
Coulson Autosolo
Name In Class Overall
Owen Turner 2 2
Matt Endean 4 5
Ian Mepham 8 10
Adrian White 9 11
Patrick Kane 3 14
Luis Gutierrez-Diaz 5 18
Suze Endean 10 21
Jon Bray 13 24
Gary White 14 27
Coulson Autotest
Name In Class Overall
John Peterson 3 3
Martin Styles 4 4
Alfie Hammond 5 5
Christine Styles 7 7
SDMC 27/9
Name In Class Overall
Andy Donn 2 17
Graham Child 3 19
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CMC Crews on Abingdon Carnival Stages


This is my experimental attachment of some photos taken at Abingdon yesterday.


Click next to the jpg and you should be able to see Wayne/Archie Larbelestiers Evo, hampered by an annoyong misfire most of the day.

The jarred off crew of Anthony Allery and Simon Dockray retired with damaged steering after SS3 but were going well.

Lee Williams/Jim Bowie happy with 31st overall and lucky it dropped on to 3 only after crossing the finish on the last stage.

Dean Fewings/Barry Suker on a rope after bowing the engine on the TR7

Well done to the Chelmsford MC crews that finished, Darrell Taylor & Peter Kettle best placed in 13th in the new Fiesta R5 and commiserations to those that didn't. 

Shaun Weston & Dean Mevo were on it for 17th - Shaun has posted some good in car footage on You Tube.

Simon Dockray - please post on here to say you've seen this!





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