Save Motorsport at North Weald Airfield

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Save Motorsport at North Weald Airfield

A planning application is being made to Epping Forest District Council to operate the market there on Sundays now as well as Saturdays and Bank Holidays.

This would mean the end of club motorsport at this venue. The airfield has been an open space used for motorsport for approximately 50 years.

Finding areas for grass roots club motorsport is becoming harder and harder, especially in the South East. We need to try and influence the outcome of this application. 

Nick Cook - Harrow Motor Club

Please support the petition here.

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Save North Weald Link - Works in Chrome

In case it helps - I found that the link only works in chrome.

To make it work (with pesky windows 10) I had to right click and "copy link" then "control + v" in the address bar in chrome - Just in case there any other oldsters (like me) struggling with the marvelous new software.

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