4/5 September

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4/5 September

Ray Crowther is doing the Three Castles Trial:
Results: https://mtc1.uk/results/2021/threecastles

/ Tim Sayer
Antony Allery /
Ben Howlett / Simon Howlett
Bradley Howlett /
... are doing the Three Shires Stages:
Results: https://rallies.info/res.php?e=424

Duncan Christmas
Laura Christmas
Matthew Abrey
Claire Gillies
Owen Turner
Jon Bray
Will Bray
Richard Nel
Ellen White
Adrian White
... are doing the Debden Autosolo & Autotest:

Three Castles Trial
Name In Class Overall
Ray Crowther 1 4
Three Shires Stages
Name In Class Overall
Tim Sayer DNF
Bradley Howlett 1 26
Ben Howlett 3 36
Simon Howlett 3 36
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Weekend Results Comment

Top result for Bradley Howlett first 1600 on The Three Shires after a tight battle - thats two wins on back to back weekends.

At least 7 CMC members were involved in running/marshalling SS1/5/10 on Three Shires bringing our Closed Roads event experience to the fore.

Congtatulations to members Matt Abrey and Jon Bray winning the AMSC Autosolo & Autotests respectively.



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