11/12 September

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11/12 September

Roland Francis
Chris Page
Dean Clayton
Jon Bray
... are doing the Stirling Moss Trophy Sprint:

Roger Dudley is doing the Chiltern Autotest:

Alex Cannon is doing the Vale of York Stages:

Chiltern Autotest
Name In Class Overall
Roger Dudley 2 2
Vale of York Stages
Name In Class Overall
Alex Cannon 1 12
Stirling Moss Trophy Sprint
Name In Class Overall
Dean Clayton 2 15
Chris Page 3 26
Jon Bray 4 30
Roland Francis 4 39
September Autosolo
Name In Class Overall
Matt Endean 8 20
Andrew Bisping 9 21
Suze Endean 10 26
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Sprint Marshals required 12th September

Harrow Car Club are looking for marshals for their Sprint next Sunday.

Contact Nick Cook on 07901973687



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