23/24 October

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23/24 October

/ Simon Fuidge
Graham Child /
Rich Baker / Ed Scott
Mike Helm / Jim Bowie
... are doing the BOROUGH 18 MC 12 Car:

Owen Turner / Rachel Vestey
Keith Lane / Julie Lane
Gary White / Bradley White
James Fewell / Alex Fewell
Luis Gutierrez-Diaz / Suze Endean
Matthew Abrey / Aarran Ellis
... are doing the Exmoor Targa Rally:
Results: https://www.rallyroots.com

B18 12 Car
Name In Class Overall
Simon Fuidge 2 2
Graham Child 4 5
Rich Baker 5 6
Ed Scott 5 6
Michael Helm 8 9
Jim Bowie 8 9
Exmoor Targa
Name In Class Overall
Keith Lane DNF
Julie Lane DNF
Matthew Abrey DNF
Aarran Ellis DNF
Owen Turner 1 1
Rachel Vestey 1 1
Exmoor Targa Clubman
Name In Class Overall
Gary White 1 1
Bradley White 1 1
James Fewell 4 4
Alex Fewell 4 4
Luis Gutierrez-Diaz 1 9
Suze Endean 1 9
Hermicuda Rally
Name In Class Overall
Paul Hands 9 55
Ben Dawson 9 55
Bullseye Navigational Scatter
Name In Class Overall
Jim Bowie 6 6
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WSMC Bullseye Scatter

I'm doing this Newmarket /Haverhill area event with John Boot & Keith Walladge.

Much planning has been done by George Hendry & Ray Crowther and I'm looking forward to it.   Jim

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WSMC Bullseye Scatter- Brilliant

Well that was 5 hours of brain teasing fun - many thanks to Ray Crowther & George Hendry & their wives/lovers.  Very well presented and conceived.

Congratulations to the winners with a max score of 100 marks The Hernamen ( Paul, Robin & partners proving that many brains & legs really help) with two teams tied on 92.   I was happy to finish 6th out of 15 teams with Keith Walladge & John Boot - apologies for the shouting!   

George may attach the results and weblinks here for those that would like study them. We can persuade George & Crow to run one for CMC but perhaps in North Essex to attract the crews that did yesterdays event.  I'm in support.


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Bullseye Navigational Scatter

Glad you liked it, Jim. 
For those interested all the event paperwork is here: Bullseye Navigational Scatter - October 24, 2021 (ity.me.uk)
eorge and I will work on a prototype for a new event for early 2022.

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