30/31 October

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30/31 October

Anon93 / Callum Francis
... are doing the Legend Fires Tour of Epynt:

Nick Skuse
Lewis White
Julie Skuse
Ellen White
... are doinng the Snetterton Tarmac PCA:

Driveshaft 20/20
Name In Class Overall
Matt Endean 7 7
Suze Endean 7 7
Eddie Gale 12 10
Simon Fuidge 12 10
Snetterton Tarmac PCA Oct
Name In Class Overall
Nick Skuse 7 7
Julie Skuse 17 17
Ellen White 18 18
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Anon93 was unable to

Anthony Allery was unable to compete at Epynt today as his Escort broke some transmission components on the rolling road a couple of days ago.

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