23/24 July

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23/24 July

John King / Tracy King
Curtis Jacoby / Dexter Jacoby
.. are doing the HERO Challenge Two:

Matt Endean
Suze Endean
Alexander Reece Coleman
... are doing theTAMS Packaging Summer North Weald Sprint:

HERO Challenge Two Class 8
Name In Class Overall
Owen Turner 2 2
Rachel Vestey 2 2
HERO Challenge Two
Name In Class Overall
John King 2 6
Tracy King 2 6
Dexter Jacoby 6 45
Curtis Jacoby 6 45
TAMS Packaging North Weald Sprint
Name In Class Overall
Dean Clayton 1 1
Alexander Coleman 4 18
Matt Endean 4 22
Suze Endean 5 23
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Dean Clayton won the North Weald Sprint

Dean Clayton had his first outright win at the Sprint on Sunday in a road going Clio  . . . .it has got a very feisty Turbo mind you.  Still, beating single seaters, Westfields, Porsche GT2 etc in a field of 50 was very good.  

Dean is a longstanding club member but forgets to put CMC on all of his Sprint entries so doesn't always get picked up by Tony Michael when he scans other clubs entry lists to see what we are up to .  John Davie (CM) and I marshalled.    

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John King was quickest on the

John King was quickest on the tests at the HERO event on Saturday (I marshalled at Bicester). Both he and Tracy and Owen and Rachel looked quick.

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