Green Belt Autocross 14 Aug- Any Car Will Do - See below

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Green Belt Autocross 14 Aug- Any Car Will Do - See below

Green Belt/AMSC are running an Autocross at Much Hadham near Harlow on Sunday 14 th August.

This event is firmly aimed at "clubmen" with road cars eligible, with no mods. Targa Cars ideal.  Road Cars will run one at a time. The only safety equipment needed is a helmet . Basic gloves & overalls are required but they dont need to meet current homologation for overalls so appeal to borrow out of date kit if you dont have it.  Read the regs for full details.

Cheap entries at £60 end on Friday 29 July.  You can even drive two different cars.


Marshal if you are not sure what goes on.



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Entries for this are still available, with quite a number of CMC members entered in this event. The format of the event means that almost any car can be suitable.

Ideal practice for those doing the Kent Targa and wanting some off road/gravel practice

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14th August Autocross

An email was sent this afternoon advising the event has been cancelled due to a lack of entries.

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