East Anglian Marshals 17 June /Wattisham Targa 25 June

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East Anglian Marshals 17 June /Wattisham Targa 25 June

East Anglian marshals should all have received instructions for Saturday. The Test marshals from me, Regularity Sections & Officials from Paul Brewerton & Amy Conboy. if not contact us.

The finish of the EAC is at The Grange in Thurston near Bury St Eds from 17.30 Saturday.


Dave Shaggy Saint and I need lots more marshals for the Jumbo Javalin Targa at RAF wattisham on Sunday 25th June .  A brand new Targa Venue and we'll be under full military security so must know all the names of persons attending & their vehicles by 22nd June.   



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Hope you all got my email but i'll add my thanks here for all marshals and officials who helped at the EAC. I'll see some of you at Wattisfield next weekend.


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