23/24 September

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23/24 September

The Beginner’s 12 Car and Winter Series Awards are on Friday night.

Mike Thomas is doing the SDMC Autotest R5:

/ Claire Williams
Ben Friend /
...are doing the Trackrod Rally Yorkshire:
Results: https://results.djames.org.uk/results/?m=128&simple

Ian Graham is doing the Clitheronian Road Rally:
Results: https://www.rallies.info/res.php?e=550

Matt Endean
Nick Skuse
Dave Saint
Robin Lines
Mike Thomas
Jim Bowie
... are doing the Baldwin Alarms Testing Trial:

Beginner’s 12 Car
Name In Class Overall
Michael Helm DNF
Amelia Mclelland-Brown DNF
Ed Scott 1 1
Wayne Tyson 1 1
Jamie Ruffle 2 2
Louis Statham 2 2
Steve Griffiths 3 3
Pete Restall 3 3
Emma Print 4 4
Gavin Print 4 4
Name In Class Overall
Ian Graham DNF
Trackrod Rally Yorkshire
Name In Class Overall
Claire Williams 1 5
SDMC Autotest R5
Name In Class Overall
Mike Thomas 5 7
Trackrod Forest Stages
Name In Class Overall
Ben Friend 1 13
Belchamp Walter
Name In Class Overall
Mike Thomas 1 7
Robin Lines 2 8
Nick Skuse 5 9
Dave Saint 2 10
Matt Endean 5 15
Jim Bowie 4 17
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…next weekend

I'll be navigating on the Clitheronian Road Rally too!


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