Kent Targa Rally – 11th May 2024 – Marshals Needed!

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Kent Targa Rally – 11th May 2024 – Marshals Needed!
This years Kent Targa Rally will be taking place on Saturday 11th May at Manston Airport in Kent and Marshals are needed.
We plan to run 18 tests throughout the day and have a selection of marshalling roles suitable for the beginner through to the seasoned pros.
Those of you with experience running test starts, finishes and any stage rally radio crews would be particularly welcome.
To register to marshal, please sign up via the following link:
or contact our chief marshal, Liz Jordan, on 07860 668866 or email


We look forward to seeing you on the 11th!

Kind regards

Dave Town
Kent Targa Rally 2024
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More marshals required

A call out for more marshals - if you are available to help out please help support this event and sign up for a top days rallying in Kent.

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