Tyre advice for the X part rally.

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Tyre advice for the X part rally.

I'm looking for advice on tyre / size selection for the X part rally.
I'm aware of the limited choice as per the blue book but was wandering what other people's experiences are.

I will be running a Peugeot 106 Rallye and have noticed that there are clearance issues with some tyre sizes.

Any advice is greatfully recieved.

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Are you doing the ERRC? If so

Are you doing the ERRC? If so you'll have to run Sportways to be eligible for the Championship. Can't help on 106 sizes though I'm afraid!

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The 14" Sportway is made with strong van-tyre casings, so that would be the size to run if you can.

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106 tyres

I run the sportways on endurance events which are 175x65 R14.

On road rallies and 12 cars I tend to use some Yokohama's, originaly from my nova, which are 185x60 R14.

On the Preston I used much narrower M&S tyres, Maxsport RB1, which are 165x65 R14.

All are ok, but for 3 different types of event.

On the endurance, there isn't really that much choice, but the 175' s work ok in the mix of different surfaces. Certainly the 165's are perfect for December's wet and slippery Preston, and 185's on mainly sealed surface road rallies, so the 175 is potentially quite a good choice for the XPart's variety of surfaces on a 106.

I think the 185's are very tight and the rear arches may have had the inner lip folded to increase clearence, but they are OK, certainly wouldn't get anything wider, and as you have to run standard brakes for Endurance, no need for anything bigger than 14", and the gearing on the Rallye is just about right.


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