Waterbeach Autosolo October 28th

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tony burchnall
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Waterbeach Autosolo October 28th

Round 6 ( the final round) of the Anglian Autosolo Challenge takes place on Sunday October 28 th at Waterbeach Barracks near Cambridge.
The entry list will remain open until Friday 26th but early entries will be appreciated.
We are always grateful for offers of help to marshal.
This time we share the venue with the All Wheel Drive Club who have a two-day round of their National Comp Safari Championship on the infield. It should be a terrific motorsport weekend and,since it is a no-spectator site, the only way to be part of it will be to enter or marshal.

If you would like further information contact any of the Challenge clubs or the Challenge website. Alternatively, email me or post here.

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really good day , me and Kate really enjoyed our self and will be joining in very shortly , thanks all for the warm welcome ! and to Tony for showing me the ropes etc.

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