Photos of Debden AutoSolo 28/04/13

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Photos of Debden AutoSolo 28/04/13

Hi guys, I'm Monty (the guy in the red/black jacket going around with a Camera during the event).

Please find a link below to the photos I took, I only do this as a hobby so please excuse the non-professional finish to some of the photos! - If you want a copy, just click on the image and save to your computer Smile

On another note, part of the reason I was there was because I am interested in taking part in some cheap, fun motorsport.

I came up representing the University of Hertfordshire's Motorsport Society, we have heard some positive things about CMC and are very keen to join in the action! We are focusing on stuff like Autotests/Solos, Endurance Rallies etc....

I was speaking to Jim during the day to find out how we can join in, he was very helpful and I've managed to find out a lot more information through the club's website, so if you are on here, thank you! Smile However a question for the other members... is there anything else I should know about? e.g. recommended types of cars to use, which areas do you compete in that are close to Hatfield, any additional equipment we might need? etc...

Any information that could be given will be greatly appreciated!

Hopefully see you soon,


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Thanks - some great pictures

Thanks - some great pictures there Smile

Ro start with any small'ish road legal car will do, as you saw last weekend there are lots of different cars out being used. 106's, Micra's Rover 200/25's all make good base cars. Just get out there and enjoy it!

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great pics

as above, some great photos there... well done and thanks for sharing them!
make use of the forum and approach competitors and marshals if you're attending any more events, you'll soon find that CMC members are very friendly and helpful.

thanks again for the pics

Luis (red Mini)

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great pics

CSMA are running 3 events in June that you may be interested in.

A National Autotest at MK Dons Stadium Milton Keynes on 2nd June and 2 basic Autotests that anybody could/should enter (on Grass) just outside Dunstable on 9th and 30th June. Any car will do- contact
Mike Biss
07753 137415

for more info

ps thanks for the photos

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Justin Smith
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Great images Monty - Thanks

Great images Monty - Thanks Smile

That was my first day out with the club (and the car) and I have only just stopped grinning - what a great way to spend £30 and a Sunday and everyone was great to chat to and everyone such different car, backgrounds, view, opinions - common thread though..... PETROLHEADS !!!!

All my friends now want to do it so some new members for the club and a couple of new cars to be sourced I think.

As someone else said, you don't need the most expensive high powered vehicle for Autosolos it appears as I got wiped by a Fiat 126 with less that 50HP - As Jim kept telling me, "it's not all about speed Justin" as I passed yet another cone on the wrong side !! (Had fun though).

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